GRU reducing fuel adjustment charges

Press release from Gainesville Regional Utilities

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – GRU is reducing its electric fuel adjustment and purchased gas adjustment charges beginning April 1, bringing well-timed relief to customers as summer approaches.

  • A residential electric customer using the industry standard 1,000 kWh will save $15 on their monthly bill.
  • The average GRU residential electric customer using 800 kWh will save $12 on their monthly bill.
  • A residential natural gas customer using the industry standard 25 therms will save $5 on their monthly bill.

GRU makes no money on fuel charges; these are pass-through costs used to cover the utility’s fuel expenses. Read more

  • 😂😂i have to wonder if the state was not breathing now their necks if this would have happened

  • Ratepayers in the eastern unincorporated service area have the impossible task of trying to stay under the 850kwh tier1 cap. 851kwh and up is where the raping takes place. $15 discount off tier2 billing rate is chump change.

  • Nothing to see here, folks, just move along, please. Just more smoke and mirrors.

  • Someone at the city and GRU must have figured out that people were about to come see them with torches & pitchforks in hand.

  • Look what happens when the State steps in and lights a fire under the asses of these clowns.

  • GRU blames the Ukraine war on why the fuel adjustment cost skyrocketed from $6.6 million in July 2020 to $20 million in July 2022. But the three-fold increase appears to be mostly based on Biden’s Feb, 2022 pledge to “bring an end” to Nordstream in response to Russia’s Feb 24th invasion of Ukraine, even though the pipeline’s were not actually sabotaged until 7 months later on Sept. 26, 2022. So it appears the markets reacted and profited by increasing prices early based on Biden’s pledge to cut natural gas supply to Germany and the EU while Biden continuing to thwart US domestic oil and gas production, which keeps the GRU fuel adjustment cost much higher than it should be.

      • Everyone who has experience dealing with GRU knows it rarely and is highly reluctant to “surrender” any fees or surcharges once they’ve started collecting them.

        It’s the only entity I’ve ever experienced that charges a penalty if bills aren’t paid by a specific time of day rather than the end of the day. Add to that the extra fees charged for “convenience” and it’s no wonder residents have had enough with being raped by GRU & it’s governing body, the Gainesville City Commission.

        That’s not only common sense but experience as well.

      • You sound like a broken record what’s this the third time you said this your welcome to believe that they did it on their own

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