Guaranteed income plan memorandum promises media opportunities for Poe

File photo from 2020 State of the City address


Tonight the Gainesville City Commission approved a resolution “supporting the efforts of the Mayor’s [sic] for a Guaranteed Income and supports ongoing, direct cash payments throughout the pandemic and until our economy recovers; and… [the commission] urges President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer to develop an ongoing federal guaranteed income that provides an income floor for all Americans.” Mayor Lauren Poe welcomed the resolution, clarifying that it didn’t explicitly approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between himself, non-profit Community Spring, and Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI) because that approval was not necessary, as the City was not a party to the agreement.

The MOU says that MGI will grant $500k in “starter funds” to Community Spring “to assist with launching a guaranteed income demonstration.” It also says MGI will “Create opportunities to elevate the voice of Mayor Poe as a champion for a federal guaranteed income.”

Poe, in turn, agrees to “Participate in MGI narrative shift efforts. Mayors will accept national and local media opportunities.”

Community Spring will have responsibility for administering the guaranteed income program, which must launch by October 1, 2021.

The MOU will be in effect from March 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022.

  • What happened when the City of Gainesville decided we needed Grace Market Place, homelessness exploded in our county. I can’t wait for crime to skyrocket since a stint in jail means you now collect a paycheck.

  • King Poe, always looking for a means to supplement his income no matter the real costs to the taxpayers…be they local or federal. Unfortunately he is too much of an @rse to realize that he and his court jesters are a large cause of the economic carnage reaped upon the local community. If they were indeed so concerned for the individuals they keep “farming” their plantations, they would do more to encourage eastside development and making the utility rates of the city owned GRU more affordable for all it’s customers. Hypocrisy continues in the Gainesville city halls although some commissioners close their eyes to it.

    All of you liberals take note, it’s not going to get any better under current leadership. Just ask the tortoises living in Oakmont, they have such a difficult time paying taxes, they have to live in a hole.

  • Sheeples minds are easily manipulated by the idea
    of greener pastures…They are easily lured by the idea of
    a perfect communism. “In 10 years you’ll have nothing and
    be happy”? Not in my lifetime! –The Climate Change hoax and sticking us
    with paper straws wasn’t working fast enough so they came
    up with the “invisible enemy” chinese virus to control us…
    Those heard animals who have been inducted into the “Covidian cult” are getting the “kool aid” vaccine…Have you
    heard of the “great reset”? Beware! Lucifer is promising a
    perfect Earth but instead it will be a perfect Hell where
    everyone will be equally miserable….

    • Not exactly…He’s just one of the many Devils’ minions deluded under the guise of altruism…The Devil is the great
      deceiver. They want your freedom & liberty…Will probably
      have to get the vaccine in order to receive the UBI.

  • Ok so a business can reduce wages because the government will be paying the difference or they require the business to pay $15.00 per hour and I pay higher prices and have to pay the guaranteed also. Wonderful communism is coming. Of course the First and Second Amendments must be done away with.
    The first amendment is fast going now and soon the second soon to come

  • President Nixon was the first one to propose this. That was one of the secondary reasons he was taken down by Watergate. You have to read “Silent Coup” by Len Colodny to understand what I am saying here.

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