Guaranteed income?


  • Harvey Ward will stand up for the preservation of our local small businesses. He knows the new Covid Relief package is more than enough to facilitate the local needs of those below our poverty level.

    And I’m sure he will recognize the difficulty of our small businesses to conform to higher minimum wages as they simply create higher prices.

    He knows inflation will resume and the Federal Government will consider Price Controls to many product categories related only to proving their control.

    And we know the targeting that will happen.

    Harvey knows all this!

    From a cousin…

  • Is Poe talking about the bums panhandling at
    Street intersections? Instead of handing out
    Money to people who don’t want to work, he should
    Give them garbage cans on wheels and they can
    Pick up all the fast food garbage, beer cans & bottles,
    And the discarded filthy bio-waste face masks that are littering our Streets and sidewalks…what’s the new catchy
    Environmental slogan? “Be a can-handler not
    A panhandler”….you will be able to donate to
    A canhandler by phone ap. Provide them a bright
    Green vest with a big ID# on it, a trash pick up gizmo,
    A can on wheels and they’re all set to go!
    Keeping Gainesville clean & green!!!!

    • Great idea but I’m sure the city would manage to find a way to skim, I mean tax any donations given their past history.

      • They can also make it a crime, I.e., write citations
        to people who give $ to panhandlers at intersections….I would definitely give a few bucks
        To someone who’s cleaning up trash on the streets though….if they are going to hand out
        Our tax money (public dollars) to people, the recipients should have to give back with public service…
        Panhandling is not a legitimate profession, but canhandling is….they will be helping the environment too!
        They can make an ap where you can take a photo
        Of the working canhandler’s Large ID barcode that’s on their vest and you can donate $ directly to the canhandler
        For working and doing the right thing and helping
        Our community…the city was able to take away plastic straws and force paper straws on us…the
        Canhandler idea is much better than forcing papers straws on us that literally suck…pun intended.

  • Typical liberals…having to buy those votes. Too bad the people those payments are designed to assist aren’t aware these same politicians are keeping them in poverty. Kind of reminds me of those parents who nurse their children into their preschool years to maintain their reliance on them.

    Hey, on a side note…given the proposals for “stimulus” payments based on number of children. We may actually see a reduction in the numbers of babies murdered… I mean aborted this year.

    • Covid relief = universal basic income….
      I worked hard all my life and my wealth is being redistributed by the printing of $ that’s then given to people
      Free for not working..
      “Ashes Ashes all fall down!”…

      • I hear you.
        Here’s my take… continuous stimulus will be a continuous excuse for why should I go back to work? If I can get the government to give me $15 minimum wage for 8 hours…$120 per day, why should i go to work if that same government is willing to pay me $1400 for 0 hours. Multiply that by number of mouths, add in what local government is going to hand out…pretty nice payday for sitting around watching TV and/or playing video games.
        Perhaps those individuals taking advantage of the circumstances are just a byproduct.
        Some may be too stupid to see what government is doing or they’re just too stupid to get a job.

        • And from what I hear about vaccinations, everyone who
          Is on the government dole should get one…I ain’t
          Getting one…no sir…

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