Guide to Greater Gainesville is launching Guide Monthly today

Press release from True North FL, LLC

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Beginning today, Guide to Greater Gainesville is set to expand its repertoire by adding Guide Monthly to its annual print publication.

What began as a monthly E-Blast is transforming into a digital magazine, comprising over twenty new stories, event coverage, local charity sponsorships, and more each month.

“We are told all the time how much people love Guide, and how much they miss Home and Business Magazines,” said Scott Costello, Publisher and Co-CEO. “There has been a void in the community, and we are looking forward to filling that void with Guide Monthly.”

Guide Monthly will be a resource for the Greater Gainesville community to access local events each month and stay up-to-date on relevant information and news in a digestible format. 

“Our combination of high-quality writing, photography, and design is unmatched, and we are excited to step up to the plate with this monthly magazine,” said Christy Robinson-Costello, Co-CEO and Co-Founder.

The magazine will be accessible for viewing at www.guidetogreatergainesville.com. It will also be sent via email to those who have subscribed to Guide’s email list.

Costello added, “For over 20 years, we have focused on telling the stories of the individuals and businesses who help make Greater Gainesville the place we choose to live, work, learn and play. Guide Monthly is the perfect complement to Guide to Greater Gainesville”.

  • To use “great” and Gainesville in the same statement is quite the contradiction.

    That’s about all needs to be said about that.

  • You’d have to go back in time to visit Greater Gainesville. Before Poe, before Pegeen, before the Taj Mahal traffic courthouse, before the 13th/Univ plaza was torn down.

  • WOW !! This is great! Can’t wait to see the first edition featuring a photographic tour of the downtown parking garage and all the blood stains, needles, etc. on the pavement.

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