Guide to Greater Gainesville launches a new Guide App and Online Directory

Press release from True North FL

True North FL Inc., a trend setting solutions business firm, is expanding the Guide brand and launching a new Directory Resource to streamline the search experience for all resources and business listings within the Greater Gainesville area. The website and app are now live, providing an efficient community-based search engine for the Greater Gainesville region. Gainesville residents searching for businesses, events, or jobs need to look no further than the Guide Directory, which consolidates these resources into one click of a button. Users can browse through various categories, explore featured companies and activities, or search for specific businesses. The main purpose of the app is to centralize these resources in one place, making it easier to connect with businesses than ever before. From exploring new businesses and community resources to searching for jobs, residents can experience a whole new level of connection to Greater Gainesville with the Guide Directory. 

The Guide to Greater Gainesville is a part of True North FL, Inc., a trendsetting solutions firm driving innovation and creative strategy for brands. Founders and Co-CEOs, Scott Costello and Christy Robinson-Costello, have a deep connection to the area as they both have resided in the region for over 30 years. They are excited to introduce this new platform to Greater Gainesville and foster a deeper sense of connection in the community through this resource. “Through Guide to Greater Gainesville and our sister publications/events, we have been providing resources and connecting people in our community for over 20 years. The launch of the online directory and mobile app allows us to continue that path by bringing everything Greater Gainesville to our residents in one location,” says Scott Costello in preparation for the launch.

Co-CEO Christy Robinson-Costello believes this app will serve as a valuable resource to all residents and students calling Greater Gainesville home. “We are thrilled to release this community resource guide that is now available right at your fingertips. Think of it as the Trip Advisor for the Gainesville community. It is exhausting trying to keep up with all the different search engines, social media pages, and job boards to find what you need. I feel that people will find value in going to one place for everything Gainesville,” Christy Robinson-Costello shares.

Time is a precious resource, and the Guide Directory App offers a novel solution. The user-friendly app is organized to allow users to view all listings, tips and articles, events, and job postings. Resources are further divided into various categories, including home improvement, schools, healthcare, food and drink, hotels, shopping and retail, self-care, and wellness, non-profit, and businesses. Users can also upload their own listings to the app or share reviews, exemplifying the interactive features embedded within the app. There is no shortage of experiences to discover within the Guide Directory App, which can be downloaded from the App Store for free. 

The Directory can also be accessed online as an extension of the Guide to Greater Gainesville website. The Directory offers an easy way for users to find a professional, explore things to do, and browse tips, events, and jobs in the Greater Gainesville area. The Guide Directory can be easily accessed at home or on the go with the Guide Directory App, creating a new way to experience Gainesville. 

From researching schools, restaurants, non-profits and more, to perusing relevant articles and searching for jobs, the Guide Directory offers residents the latest events, happenings, job postings, and resources for Greater Gainesville, all in one place. The Guide to Greater Gainesville team encourages residents to explore our community in a whole new way by downloading the new Guide Directory App. 

With the new Guide Directory, search has a whole new meaning. #EverythingGreaterGNV

Guide Directory and Guide to Greater Gainesville are resources provide by True North FL, Inc, a multi-channel, Trend-Setting Solutions Firm that creates, connects, and consults to grow the Greater Gainesville community. For more information, email info@TrueNorthFLInc.com or visit https://directory.GuidetoGreaterGainesville.com  

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