Habitual traffic offender arrested on multiple charges, including possession of drugs and stolen credit cards


Nikole Annelle Peters, 42, was arrested early this morning on charges of possessing identification belong to others, possessing drugs and drug equipment, driving without a valid license, and driving with a forged tag.

Peters was pulled over by an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy early this morning after the deputy ran her tag and found that she had a felony warrant. He then learned that her tag had expired in September of 2021 and had a “seize tag” order. He reported that he later found that the decal had been altered with a marker to change “21” to “22.” The driver was asked to exit the car and was detained.

A K-9 unit that arrived at the scene alerted on the vehicle, giving probable cause to search it. The search reportedly found a debit card, Florida DOC inmate card, food stamp card, social security card, and Florida identification card, all belonging to the same man; a debit card belonging to a second man; a used methamphetamine pipe; about 4.81 grams of methamphetamine and 5.47 grams of synthetic APVP, spread over multiple baggies; 2 hydrocodone pills; 19 amphetamine dextroamphetamine; more methamphetamine pipes; cut straws with residue; two scales; and clear empty baggies. The deputy wrote that based on his training and experience, the items are “indicative of street level drug sales and distribution.”

Peters was also driving on a suspended driver’s license. The warrant was for violation of probation in a 2021 case in which she was charged with cocaine possession; the probation officer reported that Peters admitted to using alcohol on December 3, 2021, in violation of the condition that she not use alcohol or illegal drugs. She was convicted of a second offense of driving with a suspended license in 2021, making her a habitual offender.

Peters has been charged with possessing five or more pieces of identification belonging to others, possession of drug equipment, possession of an opium derivative, driving while license is suspended-habitual offender, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and forgery of a tag. She is being held without bail on the probation violation and $95,000 bail on the other charges.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Is she a resident or another “catch & release, you’re gonna love Gainesville” perp?

    Keep letting them go and they’re gonna keep coming.

    • The city and county need to change their policy
      When it comes to Grace Mkt. Only residents of
      Alachua county should receive temporary benefits
      And everyone else needs to be sent back to where
      They came from…We cannot be accepting released
      Inmates here from other county jails & prisons. We
      Cannot be housing ex-cons for free and paying them
      A stipend so they “can sorta build back better”…they
      Need to get the panhandlers out of the street medians
      Because it’s a public safety hazzard. we need
      To expand the jail so we can house more criminals there
      While they are waiting to go to trial. The SAO needs
      To require bail on everyone and no ROR. The interim
      City manager needs to get the panhandlers out of the
      Street medians and their encampments and trash by
      The sidewalks cleaned up. And the SAO needs to
      Really crack down on criminals carrying illegal guns.
      The city parks division needs to be putting up social
      Justice murals on how drugs and guns hurt the black
      Community. The city needs to create a work program
      As an alternative to panhandlers in street medians…
      “Be a canhandler, not a panhandler”…

      • GNV is turning into a boobie hatch. There’s a bunch
        Of drug addicts and mental patients squatting and
        Roaming the streets. The Mayor, the city commission, & the city manager need to do address
        This issue. Next thing you know you’re gonna see
        Pup tents and encampments on the sides of streets
        And in the parks. Poe & Co need to remove their face
        Masks, roll up their sleeves, and address the vagrants and panhandling problem before it gets worse.

  • Is that a male or female? I really wonder. Anyway this is typical is a magnet city for miscreants from all over. “Every path starts with passion”

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