Happy Gainesville New Year


  • I can tell you you where they should shove that champagne flute…only problem is it’s unlikely to touch the sides.

  • ….”Bielarski wearing the diaper”….Poe & co
    And all the other commies & hypochondriacs around GNV are
    Wearing their diapers on their faces like a masquerade party for the new
    Year and our utility bills are going up….what a way
    To end the year.——-It doesn’t matter where they wear
    Their diapers because there’s always loads in it…

  • Funniest but truest pic of mayor yet. With their Biden stimulus waste that can’t wait to spend, they throw GRU money on top of it but be broke and needing more in months. Commissioners are almost completely ignorant of any good business practices.

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