Harvey Ward settles lawsuit with his father’s caregivers

Harvey Ward, a Gainesville City Commissioner, is running for re-election


Harvey Ward, a Gainesville City Commissioner who is running for re-election, settled a small claims lawsuit on Friday that was brought against him and his father.

In a lawsuit filed on January 24, Lottie Withey asked for $5000 from Harvey Ward Sr. and Harvey Ward Jr., stating that she and her husband drove Ward Sr. “anywhere that he wanted to go” and took care of his personal needs at all hours of the day and night.

Withey claimed that she and her husband purchased various items for Ward Sr., including food and parts for his Ford Explorer, and they were never reimbursed for the purchases. They said Ward Jr. did not offer to reimburse them or to help them get the money from his father.

Withey also claimed that her husband did two months’ worth of work for Ward (it’s unclear which one) and was never paid.

The suit further claims that Ward (the complaint doesn’t specify Jr. or Sr.) pulled a gun on them the same day they were asked to leave the property and never return. They say this was witnessed by a Collier Company employee.

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Ward Jr.’s lawyer filed a motion to get Ward Jr. dismissed from the case, but all parties met with a mediator on February 28 and settled the case for $400, which was paid the same day. The settlement also states that Mr. and Mrs. Withey agree to have no further contact with either of the Wards and that the settlement “constitutes a full and complete release of claims arising in any way between Mr. Ward Senior and Mr. Ward Jr.”

  • This after he violated the law by using his office to film campaign commercials. He’s often been on the offensive to ban certain guns even knowing it’s against florida law. Now he’s using a gun against someone! Can’t make this stuff up. Remove him from office and arrest him for brandishing a gun and threatening someone. Why wasn’t he jailed in the first place? Is it because he “knows” elected officials and local law enforcement?

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