Hawthorne man arrested for fraudulent voting by a sexual offender


HAWTHORNE, Fla. – Daniel John Pernini, 50, of Hawthorne, was arrested this morning and charged with perjury on a voter registration form and voting by an unqualified elector. Pernini is a designated Sexual Offender who is on lifetime federal probation for possession of child pornography.

Pernini allegedly registered to vote on September 30, 2020 and voted in the 2020 General Election. As a sexual offender, he is not eligible to vote in Florida.

Pernini is one of nine sexual offenders referred to State Attorney Brian Kramer by Supervisor of Elections Kim Barton in August 2022. Charges have been filed so far against Pernini, Derrick A. Robinson, and Clifton Anderson; Pernini is the first to be arrested.

Judge James Colaw ordered a bond of $25,000 per charge, or a total of $50,000, in the arrest warrant he signed; Judge Thomas Jaworski set bail at $5,000 per charge, or a total of $10,000, at Pernini’s first appearance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Geez how many more voted and we don’t know of yet..? That’s how Brandon got elected, folks. Ballot harvesting of felons.

  • I’m guessing he didn’t vote for DeSantis.

    Don’t get your hopes up… that’s not why Trump lost the federal election.

    On the brighter side, he may get the opportunity to vote for the cell block queen.

  • Leave it to Judge Tommy to down grade the bond. Maybe they need to check his personal communication devices for probation violations. It’s never surprises me to see what sick evil people live amongst the civilized decent citizens. Maybe judge Tommy should take him under his wing and have Chester watch his family’s kids.

  • this pervert is a registered republican . he just had to vote for little ron and his white boots . Lock Him Up.


  • When is Kramer going to indict Perry and Jones?

    “GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB/AP) – The latest investigative report into a growing scandal connecting Florida’s largest utility provider to election tampering hits home in North Central Florida.

    Executives at Florida Power & Light, or FPL, are under fire for using “dark money” to support political candidates in order to split the vote in races across the state over the course of the last couple of election cycles.

    The Miami Herald’s latest investigative report details how FPL supported Charles Goston in the 2018 state Senate race that also featured Kayser Enneking, and was won by Sen. Keith Perry.

    The documents show that FPL execs donated more than $200,000 to support Goston’s last-minute campaign through a group called Broken Promises, keeping their identities hidden in the process due to the group’s nonprofit status….”


    • You wish the blonde Janet Reno had won instead of Perry? She’ll never win. If you are trying to get her to run again so you can bleed her finances dry as her campaign manager, perhaps you should contact her directly. But she has as much chance of winning an election as Poe does of being inducted into Florida Blue Key.

      • She lost both races to the dirty duo by a margin thinner than Perry’s stealth candidate, funded by FPL (hmmmm, wonder what he owes them?) and by a similarly small number to Clemons who also used dark money to spread disinformation against Enneking.. Now Clemon’s district was made more red by shuffling off more Aalchua County voters to be repped by a Macclenny redneck we have no common interests with. The local and state GOP are corrupt. If DeSantis wants election integrity he should start by sending his voting police to raid these 2 GOP hacks.

        • She lost because she’s a loon.
          Some were able to see that, others were not.

          From the sound of things, you’re equally disappointed that Gillum didn’t win the governorship either. You should be disappointed your “chosen one” was found naked in a hotel room with pills strewn about.

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