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When we started this site, we made a commitment to make every single report, press release, and opinion piece free of charge.

And we have grown! Over the past year, our page views have nearly tripled, and we’re now reaching close to 20,000 views per day–and still growing. That is absolutely astounding for a news site targeted at a county of 270k people! 

We have become the most trusted source for local government reporting in Alachua County, but we want to expand to cover some of the other municipalities. Also, the City of Gainesville and Alachua County are having more meetings than ever as they rush to implement as many of their priorities as possible before the next election. We’ve also had to add coverage of school board meetings because they’ve decided to oppose the Florida Department of Health and have increasingly been hostile to members of the public who disagree with their policies.

We think that residents of the smaller municipalities also deserve to know what’s going on in their governments, but the only way to do that is to add more reporters.

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      • It worked for me. Maybe you don’t want to deal with checks, but if you provided a mailing address, people could send checks too. I don’t know exactly how, but some banks will allow you to sign up to receive electronic payments from their bill payment services. I could try to research that if you’d like.

      • I “donate” the same annual amount I pay to subscribe to The Gainesville Sun. (& @ the same time)
        A “pay wall” like the Sun’s would be acceptable to me.
        I wouldn’t want a monthly charge but an annual subscription like the Sun & most magazines would be OK!

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