High Springs appoints Jason Kytle as Public Works Director

Press release from City of High Springs

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – The City of High Springs is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Kytle as the new Public Works Director.

Born and raised in Gwinnett County, GA, Jason’s career began in Atlanta, where he worked as a commercial electrician on high-rise buildings and large commercial projects. Seeking a change from urban congestion, Jason moved to the High Springs area in 2017.

Upon joining the City of High Springs, initially in the Sewer Department, Jason quickly developed a passion for the community. After a few years, Jason transitioned from the Sewer Department to Water Superintendent, excelling in a role that combined his technical expertise with a genuine love for improving local infrastructure.

Jason is an avid outdoorsman who finds solace in the quiet of nature and cherishes time spent with loved ones. His affinity for High Springs grew organically from its tranquil surroundings and close-knit community spirit, motivating him to contribute positively to its future.

With the opportunity to lead as Public Works Director, Jason Kytle sees a chance to make a substantial impact in his adopted hometown. He aims to inspire his team to achieve excellence and innovation, envisioning High Springs as a model city that others aspire to.

In his new role, Jason Kytle will oversee the City’s public works initiatives, focusing on enhancing infrastructure, improving service delivery, and fostering sustainable development.

  • High Springs does have a lot to offer as a hub for the rural communities. By focusing on a solid infrastructure to support these areas, rather than just city population growth, High Springs can maintain it’s charm and relevance.

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