High Springs man arrested for putting THC oil on burger he cooked for 15-year-old boy


HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – Lucian Ryan Flaitz, 29, was arrested last night and charged with aggravated child abuse and possession of a controlled substance after allegedly preparing a burger with THC oil for a 15-year-old boy; the boy was later taken to the emergency room.

A High Springs Police Department officer reported that Flaitz is an employee at a burger restaurant in High Springs and was cleaning up after closing the restaurant on October 7 when he offered to make a hamburger for the boy. He then allegedly asked if the boy wanted Rick Simpson Oil on his burger, and the boy said yes. Rick Simpson Oil is an oil with high THC potency, sold as a treatment for chronic pain and cancer.

Video surveillance reportedly showed Flaitz walking out to his car, then coming back into the restaurant and placing the oil on the victim’s burger, then handing him the burger. Shortly after eating the burger, the victim reportedly began to feel tired and went to bed. The next morning, the victim was reportedly found face down in bed, unable to walk, and turning gray. He was taken to the emergency room, and the arrest reports states that he had high levels of THC in his blood. He was released from the emergency room later that evening.

Post Miranda, Flaitz reportedly admitted putting the oil on the victim’s burger.

Flaitz has been charged with aggravated child abuse and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Bail information is not currently available.

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  • Hey ! How about NAMING THE RESTAURANT ??? Typical disfunctional journalism !

    • I know! I need the name. I wanna go get one of those burgers. Sounds awesome ‼️

      • well that’s what his Facebook page says. If that is not accurate, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE RESTAURANT ???? Sooner or later it will show up.

      • channel 20 says it was Bevs Burgers. Hey, my wife and I eat at those restaurants, we deserve to know, don’t ya think ?

    • having been in public life myself, the local paper tends to try to be less controversial and a cheerleader for local businesses compared to the regional outlets. not surprised that they wouldn’t put the restaurant in the headline or foto, but they should have at least buried it in the article!

  • Bev’s burgers is that joint. It’s is all on this crappy employee. Not the business itself. Online Karens need to STFU.

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