High Springs seeks community feedback on Farmers’ Market

Press release from City of High Springs

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – For twenty years, the High Springs Farmers’ Market has provided a space for local farmers, ranchers, and bakers to sell their fresh, wholesome products. In an effort to ensure the City of High Springs offers only the finest resources for our neighbors, the High Springs Community Redevelopment Agency has launched a citizen survey for feedback on the High Springs Farmers’ Market.

The survey was created to gauge the overall knowledge of the market, our visitor’s “shopping habits” while at the market, and feedback on the market as a whole.

To complete the Farmers’ Market Survey, please visit highsprings.gov/farmers.

  • It became a flea market and a large garage sale. Often items appeared from the same individuals that picked up free discard items from surfing the subdivisions and then tried to sell them there.
    On the produce, some of the vendors were buying the leftover produce at the wholesale sales and then selling it as if it was right off the farm. Often it was the produce that was passed over due to size, shape or bad color. Major grocery outlets would not take it.
    Quit going to it years ago.

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