Homeless man arrested for armed burglary of home near his campsite


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Antonio Medina, 35, was arrested yesterday and charged with armed burglary of a dwelling, petit theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia after allegedly taking a pipe from the porch of a residence near his campsite.

Medina is reportedly homeless and camps behind the victims’ neighbor’s home in the 100 block of NW 11th Street. The victims told a Gainesville Police Department officer they have suspected for some time that someone has been entering their house and taking items, so they set up a Ring camera. The camera reportedly caught Medina trying to open their front door on January 19 and then walking away.

Yesterday the residents of the house were in their bedrooms at about 6:15 p.m. when one resident heard a noise, came out of his room, and saw someone leaving the house. The camera reportedly showed Medina entering their enclosed front porch, and they realized that a $150 pipe that had been left on a table inside the porch was missing. The three victims reportedly confronted Medina in their backyard, and they said he promised to get the pipe back to them by 7:30 p.m., but an argument broke out and Medina reportedly wanted to start fighting, so one of the victims called 911 and they stayed with Medina until an officer arrived.

Post Miranda, Medina reportedly denied entering the house or taking the pipe but eventually said he couldn’t get the pipe back because it was in a car somewhere in the city. A search incident to arrest reportedly produced a “very sharp handle-less knife blade” about seven inches long, concealed in his waistband; a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine; and a small baggie with methamphetamine residue. Medina reportedly said he had the knife because “Gainesville is a serious place.”

Medina’s address is listed as Pittsgrove, NJ, and he has no previous arrest record in Alachua County. Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

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  • I think we should take pictures of the city commission and Alaucha County commissioners along with their family and homes, cars post them all around town I believe that after a few times of homes being broken into family assaulted they may change their minds on having open arms with the homeless

  • Isn’t that District 1?
    It’s all good till it shows up in your yard. They voted for it, let them keep it in their neighborhood.
    Maybe they’ll rethink their voting choices next time.

    • You got some “thumbs down.” Must be a couple liberals who frequent the AC to get “real, unbiased” news in & about town.
      District 1 = the greatest group of hypocrites in Gainesville.

  • Even crazy people from New Jersey (the craziest state) are coming here now. Wonderful. This guy looks like somebody already slashed up his face. And we’re supposed to think of this trash as just another one of our ‘neighbors.’

    • Put in him in jail for 30 days and then have a paddy wagon drive him back to NJ in shackles and release him in front of the Pittsgove Police Dept…if he ever comes back to GNV, 1 year on 39th and the same routine, etc.

      • I will gladly support the use of my tax dollars for a jittney to shuttle vagrants back to where they came from with a deal like that….

        • They need to do “operation crazy kat” and send everyone at Grace Mkt back to where they came from…after that, 10 days temporarily help and if you don’t get a job or a sponsor, bus ticket outta here…we can’t handle all the climate change refugees here. Why was this bum camping on 11th street anyway? We don’t need any more names on the 34th street wall…

    • The city commission is ruining GNV by coddling these vagrants…
      It ain’t cool. We need law and order and a safe city…enough is enough. It’s part of that global “build back better” BS…damn commie global Marxists…

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