Homeless man arrested for attacking couple near university


Eric Robert Channing, 31, was arrested last night on a charge of aggravated assault.

The victims reported that a man had approached their car in the 100 block of NW 14th Street at about 6:15 p.m. last night, asking for money. When they refused to give him money, he started walking toward them, and they said they heard him say, “Don’t make me…”, at which point he allegedly turned and motioned as though he had a gun in his waistband. They immediately put the car into reverse and left the area.

A witness at the same location reported seeing Channing running after a person with a pipe and chasing after a car. A Gainesville Police Department officer reported that a pipe, about 2 feet long and an inch in diameter, was found on top of Channing’s belongings nearby. The witness also reported seeing Channing pull a banana from his waistband and pointing it at people as though it were a gun. The officer reported that when Channing was searched, he had a squashed banana in his pocket.

The officer also noted that he has made contact with Channing several times over the past few months after he allegedly pulled knives on people, threw things at cars, and tried to fight people in the street.

Channing, who is listed as homeless, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. He is being held on $5,000 bond.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • I’m glad we don’t have a subway, and that he wasn’t found carrying a knife…

  • Liberal leadership is failing Gainesville residents. They should have exercised their right to protect themselves and taken care of what the city refuses to acknowledge or deal with.
    How’s the rest of those liberal ideologies working for you? High taxes, high crime, high budget deficits…

    Idiots. Keep believing.

    • I think maybe you are just prejudice and looking for someone to blame for a random incident.

  • Fits right in with Poes and the rest of the idiots agenda..I am sure they are finding away to ROR him

  • Gainesville is a Homeless hub thanks to the liberals who run this city. This is what happens with only 13% voting.

  • Grace Mkt was pitched as the 10 yr plan to end homelessness…build it and they will come. What’s the
    Annual budget of Grace divided by the amount of
    Homeless people? Why not just close Grace and
    The bums can get $100 cash each daily from the bleeding
    Hearts in city hall that ruined our utility and can’t
    Keep panhandlers out of street medians..

    • Let’s take that one step further…instead of continuing to spend the money wasted on Grace Market AND the liberal leadership, put them ALL on a train to Venezuela.
      We’ll call it the Freedom Train. Freeing Gainesville from the S0¢i@li$t and the crime and decay they invited to the city.

  • Why was he here, is he from here or attracted to GRACE $million subsidized by taxpayers paradise lost? And why was he out again after threatening others before?

    • I met the guy the other day at the location…he had
      Set up his campsite under the awning of the now
      Defunct BTW (burger taco wings) on the corner
      Of NW 14th & 1st Ave….I don’t mince words, he
      Was drunk as a skunk or high on something…the
      City needs to do something about attracting nuisance
      To our street corners and especially street medians.
      The city does nothing about the public safety hazzard
      They have attracted in the street medians because
      It’s a first amendment issue. It’s not! They are engaging
      In commerce in the street medians and using that
      Argument for non enforcement of a public safety hazzard…in fact, it makes our city look crappy and tacky with the vagrants…
      Now, The city sign ordinance can become a constitutional
      Issue and the new landlord ordinance is a constitutional
      Issue because it takes private property rights away
      From landlords…I’m a taxpayer, these people work for us. They need to run a tight city and provide a safe

      • Another vagrant broke into my building over there and
        Who set up on my front porch was let go. No restitution for my property damage and he’s back out on the street revolving door. It’s worse now then
        Ever since we got the homeless magnet here (Grace)in our city. Did you know they send
        Released inmates from other counties to our county?
        Did they start that program where they will invite felons here, give them free housing, & a monthly stipend yet so they can build back better? How’s that
        Boondoggle gonna work out?

  • NOTHING will be accomplished regarding the issue of crime, regardless of who commits the crime, as long as prosecutors and judges do NOT enforce the laws and enforce stricter sentencing guidelines. If criminals or people who commit crimes, because of homelessness, drug addiction or economic reasons, don’t feel they will receive any punishment, they will continue to rob, threaten, panhandle and break our laws to get money.

  • He undoubtedly saw the forecast for cold Saturday night and decided he needed to get into jail before the rush. While the food isn’t as good as what he can panhandle from the students, he’ll have a warm bunk and tv. Then either the no-bail do gooders or the DA will let him out on Monday when its nice and warm again. He’s got the system wrapped around his finger.

  • The officer also noted that he has made contact with Channing several times over the past few months after he allegedly pulled knives on people, threw things at cars, and tried to fight people in the street.

    Yep. You gotta wonder. I feel so much more safe knowing the Poelice are on the job.

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