Homeless man arrested for false imprisonment and aggravated battery


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Adam Michael Nick, 27, was arrested late last night and charged with false imprisonment, aggravated battery, and introduction of contraband into a detention facility.

A Gainesville Police Department officer made contact with the victim at the Circle K at 3838 N. Main Street at about 7:45 p.m. last night; the woman, who was in a wheelchair, had come to the Circle K with the assistance of a passerby who reportedly saw Nick grabbing the victim and telling her, “you’re not f***ing going nowhere” and intervened.

The victim said that she and Nick had been living in a tent near the retention pond at 3915 N. Main Street and that Nick had put a knife to her neck on Friday evening; she said she grabbed the knife, and the knife cut her hand when Nick pulled it back. The victim said that Nick had grabbed her wheelchair on Saturday, preventing her from leaving, and choked her.

The office reported that the victim had a deep laceration on her hand. The witness pointed out Nick, who was riding his bicycle near the Circle K, to the deputy, and the deputy stopped him a few blocks away.

Post Miranda, Nick reportedly said that the victim cut her hand while “multiple tasking” but could not give details about what she was doing; he said nothing physical had happened between the two of them. He reportedly said that he grabbed her wheelchair to prevent the victim from harming herself. The deputy reported finding a large kitchen knife in Nick’s belongings.

A search incident to arrest reportedly produced a used syringe and a baggie with a white substance. After Nick was booked at the jail, deputies reportedly found an additional syringe in his clothes.

Nick has been charged with false imprisonment, battery, aggravated battery, possession of drug paraphernalia, and introducing contraband into a detention facility.

Nick is a registered Sexual Offender with two felony convictions; he has served three state prison sentences, one for attempted sexual battery on a person under 12 years old. He was released in December 2022 from his most recent prison sentence for failing to register as a Sexual Offender. He was arrested for domestic battery in April 2021; the charge was dropped, but he served two months in jail after entering a plea of nolo contendere to a charge of violating his pre-trial release conditions. Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Leave it to the liberal policies of Gainesville City Commisison to welcome child sex offenders and violent convicted felons to roam the streets of Gainesville.

  • That dude needs some help. Not the kind of help that Alachua County loves to give either. Alachua County is just going to caudle him. He needs prison time. Look at those sores on his face. That’s what hard drugs do. Probably bath tub meth.

      • The guy’s useless. Biden should give him a free syringe and a big bag of fentanyl and let nature do its course.

      • Yes it is, just don’t let him out. Not everyone can be rehabilitated. In those cases the purpose of prison is to protect the public.

  • Poe’s porch or Harvey’s ward would be appropriate. They invited him, let them take him in.

    See if they’re as accepting as they expect us to be.

  • People like him (drug-addicted pedophiles and rapists living in tents) are the real reason we can’t have a normal open container law. ALL ‘neighbors’ MUST be able to drink wherever they want – that’s a basic human right in Gangsville.

  • Unbelievable if not for the City of choice for his residency. All the previous comments covered the main points. This is becoming all too common and must stop. How unsafe must it become?
    It won’t take many more of these dangerous felons to move in before the money-train student population finds it unsafe to send their children to UF or Santa Fe College.

    • It will be welcomed behaviors and an open door policy for these types until Ward or Poe’s children are raped or attacked.

      Until then, protect yourselves and your families if you’re legally able. LEOs are busy minding Grace the Place for the dregs of the human race.

  • Apparently we need the state legislature to shut down anything that begins with the letter “G” here.

  • While GRACE is a magnet for this scum, I must say that, if it weren’t for GRACE being located way out near the jail and the airport, this all would have likely unfolded downtown, possibly endangering innocent bystanders

  • “They’re living in a tent by the retention pond at 3915 N Main Street”…why are they not at Grace Marketplace? The county needs to consolidate the jail with Meridian and Grace Mkt to be more efficient and save taxpayers money. Why is the CC
    Releasing these types on our community? Why do they let other counties release their undesirables
    Here to get Grace Mkt benefits? Then they leave and squat on someone’s front porch and break in and panhandle and crap up the city…The city manager is not qualified to do her job. All homeless vagrants & panhandlers need to be rounded up wherever they are in a blitzkrieg swat
    Action and processed and if they have warrants or drugs, they go to jail. If they are homeless, 3 days help at Grace to find a job…if they can’t find a job, a bus ticket back to where they belong. Zero tolerance. The city needs to be safe for students and taxpayers. They need to stop worrying about climate change & woke DEI stuff and do something about the crime, drugs, violence, vagrancy, & panhandling now. We’re
    Doomed if the city can’t even make a decision about open container. Zero tolerance on vagrancy, panhandling, & open container now!

  • Does the City of Gville care that there is a violent act committed by a homeless person every freaking day??? That of course is a rhetorical question. The word spreads quickly among the homeless community about cities that welcome them with open arms. Meanwhile our city is becoming more and more dangerous not to mention the amount of trash on the streets. It’s disgusting…..where are all the passionate environmentalists?!?Empathy is great but this isn’t working. Do you think it’s empathetic to have people live on the streets doing drugs and violently attacking others?? Who is that helping? Local citizens and tax payers are paying the consequences for this so called “empathy”.

    • It’s not empathy.
      It’s social regression being perpetuated by the progressive liberals, both past and present, on the citizenry of Gainesville.

    • We’re having a “homeless crime & violence crisis”! The GNV city manager is not qualified to do the job…she’s letting it happen for social justice…DEI.

  • If we didn’t tolerate the homeless at all, they would move to the next closest Democrat stronghold.

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