Homeless man arrested for stealing six-pack of beer, hitting clerk


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Johnny Johnson, Jr., 60, was arrested early this morning after allegedly taking a six-pack of beer from a convenience store and hitting a clerk who tried to stop him.

Johnson, who is listed as homeless on the arrest report, allegedly took a six-pack of beer from the Circle K at 1515 N. Main Street at about 1:30 a.m.; a clerk told a Gainesville Police Department officer that when she tried to stop him from leaving the store with the beer, he hit her twice on the side of her face. The officer reportedly reviewed video footage of the incident and was able to confirm the clerk’s story.

The clerk told the officer that Johnson had left on foot; the officer found him walking in the 1300 block of NE 2nd Avenue and made contact with him.

Post Miranda, Johnson reportedly said, “I took the beer and she hit me.” He also reportedly said he took the beer to sell it and get money for food and that as he was leaving, the clerk hit him in the face.

Johnson has been charged with simple battery and petit theft. He has 18 felony convictions and is a Registered Career Offender who has served five state prison sentences; bail information is not available on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Common sense says it’s mental illness that causes these types of behaviors.

    Sure it is. No wonder he’s a career offender, he’s been like that since his parents decided discipline wasn’t worth the effort.

    Legislation just may prevent crimes like this from happening. What we have now obviously isn’t working.

  • It’s time to make homeless want to go elsewhere before taxpayers get killed it’s only a matter of time
    shut down market place make panhandling illegal stop sleeping under overpasses benches woods

    • I believe you are half way right.
      It shouldn’t be a crime to need sleep, as long as it’s not impeding the contriving society.
      The trash, theft, human trafficking, drugs, and violence is out of control. Pan handling is already against the law. Still a beautiful city with great people though…

      • The decay is quite evident, it’s nowhere near what it was 40 years ago.
        It’s not loss of the environment, not greenhouse gases, not rising tides – it’s the moral decay. It’s promoted by the Poes, Wards, Cornells & McNealys. Those are the types of people causing it, there’s nothing good about them. Those bad apples have spoiled the bushel.

  • He should NOT be charged with petite theft and battery (both misdemeanors), he should be charged with ROBBERY (a felony which carries a 15-year prison penalty).

    • AND assault. Stealing beer to get money to buy food? Why not just steal food?

  • Here’s justice: …He’s a violent criminal thug drug addict…He knows what he did was wrong, and he’s a liar…Send him back to prison…He seems to be happy staying in prison because he’s made a career out of being a criminal…”legislation just may prevent crimes like this from happening”? Incarceration works…maybe the legislature can come up with something like early release from prison if he donates a kidney to
    someone who needs one. We can let
    Criminals out a little earlier if they donate a kidney to someone, this may be a good trade-off to help society. We could even provide affordable housing and a small stipend if they donate the kidney…If they mess up again, then back to prison.

    • Mr Pink, you may be on to something. If they get caught stealing, they donate a hand. Get caught a second time, the other hand. Rape? Well, we know what should be “donated.”

      Given his past drug use, not sure I would be willing to accept one of his kidneys.

      • “They cut the hand off in the old country”…that’s what I was told when I was a little boy….the donate the kidney thing was not my idea, they are doing it in some
        Other state is where I got the idea… they make sure the organ is
        Good before they remove it, etc.

  • Such evil comments about an elderly person. You incels need to go out and play outside or something.

        • Humorous to some and idiotic to those who are unwilling to find the reality in that humor. Maybe it’s just idiotic to people who only see through blinders.

          I’ve read somewhere that a person chooses to be offended – stop making that choice.

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