Homeless man on drug offender probation arrested on warrant for attacking a car with a large branch


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Daryl Timothy Robinson, Jr., 33, was arrested yesterday morning on a warrant for attacking an occupied car with a large branch, causing about $3,000 of damage. Robinson is on drug offender probation and allegedly had marijuana in his pocket and cocaine in his shoe when he was arrested.

Robinson, whose address is listed as GRACE marketplace, is accused of attacking a man who was sitting in a car on September 8, 2022. The victim told Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies that Robinson jumped out from behind a large wooden fence with a large tree branch in his hands and began hitting his car. The car reportedly had a cracked windshield and was damaged along the whole passenger side and on the top of the car, which had a long dent. The victim told deputies that the man, who he recognized as “DJ,” was repeatedly yelling, “I’m going to kill you.”

Multiple witnesses corroborated the victim’s account, stating that they heard loud bangs and saw a man with a large stick in his hands. The man left the scene before law enforcement arrived, so a sworn complaint was filed, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Robinson also had a warrant for violation of probation on a drug charge after allegedly failing to report to his probation officer between September 9 and early November and also failing to report an address change.

While investigating a report of a suspicious person in the 400 block of W. University Avenue early yesterday morning, a Gainesville Police Department officer made contact with Robinson and asked him for his identification. A warrants check revealed the warrants, and in a search incident to arrest, the officer reportedly found 1.59 grams of marijuana in Robinson’s pocket and .031 grams of cocaine in his shoe.

Robinson has seven felony convictions and is a registered career offender. He has served three state prison sentences and was most recently released in 2018. Bail information is not available on weekends, but the warrant for attacking the car specified $100,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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  • Another crybaby druggy with daddy issues. Emotional intelligence is extremely important.

  • He had to report between Sept 9th to November??! For a career criminal?! This is ridiculous. Every freaking day I read about criminals being released without bail – so no incentive to behave. Our Judges need to knock this crap off. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but letting them out for FREE is criminal, IMHO.

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