Homeless man on probation arrested for breaking into stranger’s house

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – John Daniel Jones, 41, was arrested last night and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling after the victim arrived home to find Jones on his back porch; Jones allegedly entered the house and left a bag inside.

At about 8:48 p.m., the victim reportedly returned home from a shopping trip and found Jones on his back porch. The victim said he confronted Jones, and when Jones left the property, the victim called 911 and followed him.

At the time, a Gainesville Police Department officer was parked near the victim’s house in the 200 block of NW 6th Avenue, and the victim flagged down the officer as he followed Jones.

The victim told the officer there was a duffle bag inside the house that he did not recognize, and the officer reported that she had seen Jones carrying that bag about 20 minutes before the burglary.

The victim reported that nothing was missing from the house, but a second resident told the officer she heard someone moving around downstairs but believed at the time that it was the victim.

Post Miranda, Jones reportedly could not provide a reason why he was in the victim’s house and that he did not remember going inside the house.

Jones, who is listed in court documents as homeless, was previously arrested in February for breaking into a stranger’s home “to escape the incoming air strike.” In April, Jones entered a plea of nolo contendere to charges of burglary and property damage and was sentenced to 63 days in jail with credit for 63 days served and three years of probation. He was also ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and follow any prescribed treatment plan. According to court records, he completed two hours of community service in lieu of court costs in May for attending the Re-entry Partnership Job and Resource Fair.

Jones has an out-of-state history between 2003 and 2006 and out-of-county charges between 2006 and 2020. Bail was set at $100,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Anyone else fed up with the liberal BS politics that invited all of the crime associated with the homeless population to Gainesville? If you are, best rethink your stupid decisions before voting this November. If you’re not, invite these people home with you.

  • Jones, who is listed in court documents as homeless, was previously arrested in February for breaking into a stranger’s home “to escape the incoming air strike.”

    Time for a trip to the air raid shelter…aka Meidian.

  • “Homeless man on probation arrested for breaking into stranger’s house”

    We have a very high carbon footprint
    when it comes to homeless felons.

    Where’s our world climate saving city & county commissioners?

    The solution is: put them to work, send them back to where they came from, or lock em up.

    Teaching them personal responsibility!

    Getting them off the junk!

    Change their behavior!

    And you churches?
    You’re supposed to be helping your fellow man…
    Help them find Jesus.

    • Well, the bums all get a gov check and they spend it on drugs, beer, cigarettes, weed, & BS…

      So, giving them money, and free housing them, and throwing money at it ain’t working!

      Your solution is a good one for a clean, green, and safe city that’s concerned about the environment.

      Elected officials , our churches, and the SAO & judicial system needs to lead by example to create an outstanding model city & community…this is what needs to be done to create a “great American city”.

      • I’m ok with my tax money going to free house them if we can use them as the human testing subjects for those
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  • This man looks like he is intellectually challenged. He needs help and he needs to be off the streets.

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