Homeless man repeatedly arrested for trespassing at UF Health Eastside Medical Clinic says he gets his food from the trash can there


Charles Edward Welcome, Sr., 66, was arrested yesterday evening and charged with trespass after warning at the UF Health Eastside Medical Clinic.

Welcome, a registered Sex Offender who lists his address as Grace Marketplace, has been arrested several times for trespass after warning at the clinic since he was trespassed for a year on April 1, 2022. A sworn complaint was filed for an incident on May 18, and he was arrested on May 31 and again on June 24. Charges from the May incidents have been dropped.

The responding Gainesville Police Department officer noted that “[Welcome] stated that he gets his food from the trash can on the property which is why he keeps coming to the location.”

Welcome has been convicted of nine felonies and 44 misdemeanors; he was referred to the Mental Health Court in a recent case, but an order on June 14, 2022, from Judge Susan Miller-Jones states that the State Attorney “does not approve of participation.”

In July of 2021, a court found that Welcome was incompetent to stand trial because of “severe mental illness, poor treatment response, and recent diagnosis of Mild Neurocognitive Disorder (dementia).” However, the court found that he did not meet the criteria for commitment to a treatment facility.

Welcome is being held on $100 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Pretty sad story…
    We should be able to do better than this…

  • His rap sheet means he’s a golden goose for local Dem-NGO-Judicial circle jerk funded by taxpayers perpetually. How’s that for equity, and 66 years old?

    • It’s a shame when we can look at another human being in trouble, not knowing their life circumstances, and not have compassion for a lost soul.

      • Go down to the jail, pay the hundred dollars, get him out, and take him out for a nice meal. Show everybody how compassionate you are. Of course everyone knows those on the left like to run their mouths but are stingy as hell when it comes to actually contributing anything.

  • So, maybe treat him? I don’t know, maybe there should be an alternative to putting Mr Welcome out to fend for himself and commit more crimes. I’m thinking we can do something, our taxes are pretty high here.

  • That’s a shame when we look at another human being in trouble, not knowing his life circumstances and not have compassion for a lost soul @ JeffK

    • What do you have nice to say about the guy with the
      Neck tattoo that punched someone in the face and was transferred from juvenile
      detention to the jail?

  • Let him go and give him Poe or Ward’s address. Better yet, pay for an Uber to take him there.

  • The man needs treatment alright…humane treatment. How about we start with regular meals and a home. We have lost our humanity and common sense in all this insanity called society. Medication on an empty stomach shows our empty spirits. We are an ignorant people.

  • I’ve known him since I was a child. He’s a good dude just a victim of his circumstances. He don’t bother anyone. He just do what he have to do to survive

  • … if I wasn’t monetarily challenged myself. I’d make my way to Gainesville just to do the missionary work of providing Charles with hot meals an a decent place to stay. Even if it’s for a few days

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