Homeless woman arrested for setting dog on fire


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Tequila Quashea Atkins, 37, was arrested early this morning on a warrant for animal cruelty after allegedly setting a dog on fire.

On Thursday morning, a Gainesville Police Department Officer responded to a wooded area between the Walgreens at 1120 E. University Avenue and NE 3rd Avenue, where Atkins and an unidentified man are living in a tent and camper.

Atkins was reportedly upset with the man, who owns two dogs and had left them with Atkins after the two had an argument.

Atkins allegedly intentionally poured gasoline on the two dogs and intentionally set fire to one of the dogs, then sent a video of the dog on fire to the man. The officer reported that the dog, which was tied to a tree, could be heard whimpering and trying to run away on the video.

A witness reported that Atkins ran away after setting the dog on fire.

The officer reported that there were burn marks on the dog and that its harness was also burned. The officer was able to identify Atkins because she had been to the same location and had spoken with Atkins earlier in the same day. A sworn complaint was filed, and a warrant was issued by Judge David Kreider on Friday. Atkins was picked up early this morning.

Atkins has two local felony convictions and three misdemeanor convictions. She has been charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty; the bail on the warrant is $50,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Super sadistic and crazy what she did and she should be locked up but I also think it’s crazy she had a 50k bond when I’ve seen bonds lower for someone who actually killed a person 🤷🏿..

      • Setting a living being on fire is worthy of equal punishment. Fight for across the board bail rather than fighting against other living beings who are just as worthy of a safe life as humans are.

  • The B—- should be tied to a tree, soaked with gasoline, and be burned JUST LIKE THE DOG!

  • Had a anybody considered the mental health aspect of all this it is amazing that in view of the fact that this woman had two prior felony convictions and misdemeanor convictions and that she was homeless nobody thought that she might have a mental health condition like bipolar disorder or possibly schizophrenia which would make her unable to hold a job or maintain normal relations with other people. How come the officer who spoke to her earlier in the day didn’t realize that there may have been something off about her I sincerely hope that during her pre trial incarceration Atkins will receive a mental health evaluation and that even during her sentence a pathway will be found for medication and therapy so that when she is finally free she will be able to rebuild her life with a home and perhaps even a small job or mental health disability benefits

    • Just lock her up for the maximum sentence possible under law. There is no need for brain-damaged leftists to interfere with the legal system.

    • @Cor Gaster…even if the officer made contact with her earlier and noticed she had mental health issues – being homeless with mental health issues isn’t a crime. You can’t assume they DIDN’T notice. What would expect them to do? Baker Act? She has to qualify. Force her to a place for treatment? That’s against her civil liberties. You go out there and help these people the way you see fit and stop blaming cops for not being social workers, taxi’s, teachers, preachers, parents etc.

    • I am really tired of this mental health aspect being tossed out any time some crazy does something crazy. Like the guy that pulled the gun out of his trunk at Winn Dixie over a parking spot – someone came on here and said he was having a “mental health crisis”,(boo hoo!) Not my problemo, you crazy over a parking spot!
      Yes, you have to be crazy to do what this lady did. Here is how it should go, in my opinion: you know how parents are held accountable for the actions of their kids, when the kids are minors? Well, sorry families, but you should be held responsible for the actions of your crazies when they do something crazy. Don’t just kick them out and let them wander the streets – you know they are crazy and doing drugs and probably committing crimes. The family members burying their heads in the sand are JUST as culpable as the dang crazies. I’ve heard it all before: oh, if she just takes her meds, she is fine….but then she feels fine so stops taking them….YAH, and then she disappears for a couple of months and goes out to commit crimes! How else do you think your crazy relative living on the street is surviving? They are all committing crimes. Tell me I am wrong…c’mon….It is OUT OF CONTROL!

  • I am equal parts dumbfounded and angry…so someone can try to kill someone, etc and get ROR, but cruelty to an animal gets 50k? There is something seriously wrong with this county.

  • That area she frequents is a known as a homless hangout and drug location it’s right off of the road on the right past Walgreens on Waldo Road. You see them out there every morning conversating and hanging out doing their drugs and drinking (or atleast i do because i travel that way for work). She was probably mad that her Bf took off with the last crack rock and the poor dog had to suffer for it.

  • Used to be Republican but now I'm independent because it's embarrassing to be associated with such idiots says:

    Some of you “people” are such puppets. You pull the word “woke” out of your a$$ every single chance you get because you see your counterparts do it whether it applies to the situation or not. If you’re gonna be a closet racist at least learn how to use your hate words in proper context.

  • Don’t cry NOW b!tch…. Dry it up…. Unfortunately she’ll probably never get the punishment she actually deserves

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