HSFD highlights fundraiser for family of firefighter whose son died in airplane crash on Paynes Prairie

Staff report

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – High Springs Fire Department is asking local residents to support the family of an Alachua County Fire Rescue Lieutenant whose son recently died in a plane crash on Paynes Prairie.

The social media post from HSFD links to a fundraiser for the family of Adrien James Valentine, age 21, son of Russell and Kathleen Valentine, who passed away Tuesday, November 14. The fundraiser page says Adrien was “doing what he loved to do, flying his plane. Adrien was a gifted and talented young man. A musician, Eagle Scout, pilot, and skydiver. Adrien was working toward his goal of becoming a commercial pilot.”

The fundraiser can be found here.

Adrien leaves behind his parents, Russell Valentine, a Lieutenant serving with Alachua County Fire Rescue for nearly 26 years, his wife Kathleen Valentine, and sister Kasey.

The fundraiser is intended to assist with funeral expenses and unexpected costs, along with a memorial fund to give others the opportunity to explore their shared love of the sky and to obtain pilot training.

  • I am so heart broken for this family. I know that there was a point he ubered and I was his uber. He was very bright, and my heart sank when I saw his picture.

  • This is why everyone should own life Insurance, I do, but, don’t misunderstand me, I understand. I was a life insurance agent for 40 years, and I delivered countless claim cheques to many different Families in Florida. Permanent life is best, but, if nothing else get Term life. It doe not take much life Insurance to turn around a very sad and financially draining situation. That way, Mourning for a lost loved one does not have to have additional consequences. Just sayin.

      • and publically soliciting donations to cover funeral costs is?? Perfectly appropriate to remind all of us that anything can happen at any time that results in a tragic loss, such as death, fire and medical, and to have a plan in place to address these unlikely, but totally plausible occurrences.

      • Why is suggesting personal responsibility “inappropriate”?? Flying is a very expensive hobby but life insurance for 21 y.o. is not.

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