Human remains identified as 13-year-old Delia Young

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

With deep sorrow, Sheriff Clovis Watson, Jr., makes notification that the human remains found during the June 2nd search have been preliminarily confirmed to be that of missing 13-year-old Delia Young. Delia was reported missing on May 16th.

Detectives will continue to work with the Medical Examiner’s Office to determine a cause and manner of death.

On Wednesday, May 26th, deputies arrested Marian G. Williams 03/22/64, and on May 27th, arrested Valerie Young, 07/30/68, on multiple charges in connection with the disappearance and death of Delia Young.

Sheriff Watson would also like to express his appreciation for the hard work, commitment, diligence, and tenacity of the deputies and investigators that worked so hard on this case and also for the outpouring of support from the community.

  • TV20 and ACSO PIO did a terrible job covering this story by failing to answer an obvious question… If Willians and Young claimed that Delia was certainly deceased, why did neither woman not know where to find the body?

    • I’m sorry that you feel that way. Please understand that a lot of the questions the community wants answers to will be explained in due time. This is still an active investigation and some of the information can’t be released right now. We want the best outcome for this case and will not release anything that would compromise the investigation.

  • Another tragic loss of a young child’s life.

    Where’s Ben Crump? Not the big payout I guess.

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