I-75 hit-and-run suspect held on $200k bond

Ryan Le Boss


More details have emerged about the February 22 hit-and-run fatality on I-75 near Alachua.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, they first received notification of the incident “in the area of the entrance ramp to I-75 southbound at mile marker 399” (Alachua) at 5:05 p.m. on February 22.

Witnesses reported that a white female, later identified as Eileen Bocca of Lake City, was hanging from the outside of the passenger side of a black Ford F-350 with a black license plate. The driver swerved into the median and then back into the travel lane; witnesses said he seemed to be trying to make Bocca fall from the truck. She eventually fell from the vehicle and was run over by the right rear tire of the Ford, resulting in her death.

As witnesses followed the F-350, the driver threw a woman’s bra from the vehicle, several miles from the location of the incident. A witness photographed the F-350 as it traveled southbound on I-75, away from the scene.

When Florida Highway Patrol personnel contacted Ms. Bocca’s husband to notify him of her death, he said she had left their residence earlier that day to be with her boyfriend. He said the boyfriend drove a black Ford F-350 and gave them the phone number of the boyfriend, who he identified as “Ryan.”

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Investigators tied the phone number to Ryan Le Boss and found that he drove a black F-350 truck . When they arrived at his home in Columbia County, they found a house in a heavily-wooded area, set back approximately 100 yards from a locked gate. They broke the lock so they could make contact with Le Boss. When they reached the residence, they found a black F-350 with a black Miami Heat license plate, parked off the driveway and behind bushes.

Approximately 15 minutes after the officers arrived, Le Boss came out of the house. He spontaneously stated, “That woman is crazy. She interjected herself in my life. She jumped out of my truck.” He was booked into the Columbia County jail and later moved to the Alachua County jail. He remains in custody on $200k bond. He has a public defender.