I salute you!


    • You should take another trip to south Florida. You may get another promotion.

  • Nice to know Jake landed on his feet with an audience who devalues accuracy, honesty, and wit.

    • Nice to know we can get more truth from him than we ever could from local leadership. What was it? Follow the science?
      Shouldn’t you and king Poe be out doing something?

  • Jake is predicting the requirements of having universal vaccination cards that will eventually lead to a universal ID to use for all types of services. Gun purchases will be added as well as your voting record.

    One must extrapolate beyond ones life in our country now to one of a future under control of our individuality as our freedom. We will be subjects to conformity.

  • A picture paints a thousand words…Jake just kicked
    The hornets nest getting Sexton & Hutch all riled up.
    It’s the “brainwashed commi covidians “ Vs. “liberty & freedom loving American citizens”.Hutch,you did take
    An oath to defend the US constitution, right? So why
    Take your marching orders from United Nations
    And push “great reset” commi stuff? Take your koolaid vac shot, wear 2 masks,you’re protected.
    Don’t worry about me…I am healthy and never get
    Sick…stop treating healthy individuals as second class citizens…the jig is up.

  • Gainesvillistan is never going to repair the roads, or any infrastructure. They will instead build magnificent parks in DEPLORABLE neighborhoods, CHOKE the SMALL BUSINESS to death, step on our rights etc. Only one question here and it is an important one, if you dont get this one question right, then everything you say or do does not count . the question is , “what sex are you?” If you cant get that right, dont even think of passing any laws concerning me. I dont care if you have sex with a toaster oven, but if you do stay the he;ll away from governing me.

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