I wish those cretins would just learn their place


  • She definitely looks the part of the sus domesticus we’ve come to know. Maybe she’ll write a memoir, she can call it “Diary of a Mad White Privileged Woman.”

    Nice our tax dollars are supporting her habits while she’s on hiatus. She’s obviously getting off on the bottle she’s sitting on, the look of pleasure is all over her face.

    That’s ’bout all needs be said ’bout that.

      • If that’s all that was incorrect in the comment, the commenter is doing okay. Here’s an edit – “Diary of an Angry, Ethnicity Challenged, Non-binary Privileged Individual.”
        Maybe it and Hayes-Santos are related?

        She’s still enjoying those bottles though.

      • She tries to claim victim/minority status as a “woman of color.” She is so pale that she could dye her hair blonde and it would look normal for her skin tone. No Cubans I grew up with ever tried to play the “person of color” bs. They aren’t communists, either.

    • I don’t see what White has to do with it. Plenty of “privileged” types of every color.

  • She’s not fit for office. She needs to resign. What a horrible person. She’s unhinged. An Ethics complaint should be
    Filed and the Governor should remove her from office…She should not be getting paid if she’s not at the job. Could you imagine if Trump said this to a citizen?

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