Ineligible felons and sex offenders have been sent mail-in ballots for City of Gainesville election


Six people on the list of ineligible voters investigated by Florida Department of Law Enforcement plus at least two sex offenders have been sent ballots for the upcoming City of Gainesville election in November, according to our investigation. Almost every voter on FDLE’s list still shows as eligible to vote, but most do not live in the City of Gainesville and thus will not receive ballots for the November election.

Dedrick Baldwin is currently in Hamilton Correctional Institution in Jasper, serving a 12-year sentence for homicide. According to voterfocus.com, Baldwin’s ballot was mailed today to the address of the Alachua County Jail.

Arthur Lang is currently in the Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler, serving a 4-year sentence on 9 charges, some of which are felonies. Voterfocus.com shows Lang as scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot at the Alachua County Jail.

Ronnie Lee is currently in the Alachua County Jail awaiting trial but was released in March 2020 from his previous felony conviction. However, he still has outstanding fees from his previous case. He is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot at the jail address.

Derrick Robinson is ineligible to vote because he is a registered sex offender. Voterfocus.com shows that he is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot.

Willie Cunningham, Jr., is ineligible to vote because he has outstanding financial obligations from a previous felony conviction. Voterfocus.com shows that he is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot.

Floyd Haley is currently in the Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler, serving an 18-month sentence on a felony charge. Voterfocus.com shows that he is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot at his home address.

Carl Henderson is ineligible to vote because he is a registered sex offender. Voterfocus.com shows that he is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot.

Larry Richardson is ineligible to vote because he is a registered sex offender. Voterfocus.com shows that he is scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot.

Florida statutes require that voters be removed from the rolls when convicted of a felony or registered as a sex offender. Felons can register once the terms of their sentence are complete unless convicted on murder or sexual offense charges. The responsibility for identifying these individuals varies, but Florida Statutes 98.093(3) says, “This section does not limit or restrict the supervisor in his or her duty to remove the names of persons from the statewide voter registration system pursuant to s. 98.075(7) based upon information received from other sources.” The public records requests here show that Alachua County Supervisor Kim Barton has been aware of the potential ineligibility of six of the above individuals since at least June 29, 2021.

  • Eight more votes for free stuff.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t handing absentee ballots to the panhandlers at city intersections.

  • We don’t have a supervisor of elections, we have a manipulator due to failure to perform. If one does not perform based on law, then it allows an open door to manipulation and dishonesty.

  • Statistically speaking, if you can find evidence of something such as voter fraud in a small microcosm like Alachua County, it exists in the larger population at a larger percentage. Do the math.

    • OK, math. They sent out 20,000 ballots. You claim problems with 8. That is 0.04%. Not going to change the election. You wrongly assume every felon will vote for a liberal. Actually, since city elections average about 12% voter turnout, only one of the 8 convicts is likely to vote at all, and he may vote for the Republican Trumpkin running for office. This is just faux outrage perpetuation the Trump 2020 Big Lie of massive voter fraud everywhere. The new Republican Platform. All you got.

      • Great investigative reporting!
        Kim Barton should be taking a hard look at any ballots addressed to the jail checking for eligibility before they get mailed out! Shouldn’t be hard to flag prison & jail mailing addresses for a close look!

      • Not that difficult…US population = 333,490,143; Covid deaths in US = 720,000.

        720,000/333,490,143 = .002 of the US population has died from Covid, (reportedly). That’s .2%.

        Not everyone who gets infected is going to die.

        Not everyone who gets the vaccine is going to live.

        Not everyone who doesn’t wear a mask will get infected.

        Not everyone who wears a mask will not get infected.

        However, anyone who votes for progressive democrat policies will have an impact on 99% of the US population for many years to come. Won’t have an effect on the 1% of elites.

        How’s the current costs of inflation working for you?

        • Hi Realtruth – I agree with your math for the most part. You omitted some data though. Basic survival rate is deaths/infections (721,000/44,700,000) 1.6%. Still small, but 1.6% of 333,490,143 is 5.3 million – which is a lot of people to die.
          I completely agree that not everyone who gets infected dies – (about 1.6%) but delta is infecting younger people and killing healthier people more than the alpha strain. Also there is a huge middle ground between asymptomatic infection and death.
          I agree vaccinated people are going to die – an extremely small percentage from the vaccine, and some vaccinated from subsequent infection. But unvaccinated deaths are way-way higher than vaccinated deaths. And you are correct about masks, however most studies do find masks offer some protection. No one thing will provide 100% protection. But washing hands, social distancing, wearing a mask, being healthy, and getting vaccinated all work together to provide the best protection currently available.
          Voting for a democratic policy matters where you live. At the Florida state level voting for democratic policies matters little because conservatives are in control. Voting for Trump in Florida in the last election didn’t stop Biden from winning. But honestly, in my opinion whoever is in charge, the 1% elites will be see very little impact.
          Remember, receiving a ballot and actually voting are two completely different things. But mailing ballots to felons while they are in jail is a completely stupid idea. The person in charge of allowing that to happen should be fired.

      • Math are hard – finally someone else that can do easy math. Odd how 0.02% of total population dies from Covid it’s not a big deal. But 0.04% of ballots incorrectly sent out is suddenly an outrage – these convicts have not actually voted, and would not swing an election anyway.

        • .02 % of the population is not the extinction level event the current administration and many of his followers would have people believe.

          As far as the .04%, if there is .0001% of people voting that are not legally eligible, it does bother me. It should bother every US citizen. The right to vote for citizens of this country is one of the foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Too think that some would seek to minimize or allow for the possibility of illegal intrusions/violations is abhorrent to me.

          We are in agreement regarding upholding the standards as dictated by the responsibilities of the office and the consequences of not.

          • Hi Realtruth – Based on the most current data ~95% of current covid deaths are preventable with vaccination. Personally I am more concerned about preventable Covid hospitalizations which are expensive to taxpayers and society.
            Study after study has found very little evidence of voter fraud, and never at the level that would swing an election. Disenfranchisement is a matter of where you are live. The 8 people in this report are US Citizens and of voting age. I find it odd that Florida seeks to make felons pay to have this right restored. But I find plenty of election laws bizarre. Why are Puerto Ricans, Guamanians, and US Virgin Islanders less of citizens than convicted felons in North Dakota (in terms of federal elections and representation)?

        • I think I said a bad word.

          Mark…agreed. Little to no evidence of vote tampering, (enough to sway an election), and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in La la land and is only addicted to Trump’s lies.

          I also agree that hospitalizations are expensive to taxpayers but I believe the costs already paid and being presented to be passed on to taxpayers are far more expensive than what US citizens are being led to believe.

          People from every ethnic, racial, social classification can, and has, claimed to have some form of being disenfranchised. (See election results 2016 as well as the great pretender’s alluding to another run in 2024), as well as the many referred to as trumpkins still referring to the election as “stolen.”

          For the native groups you mentioned, I have no excuse or explanation. My siblings are legally Guamanians and they are allowed to vote. I will offer this – our system isn’t perfect but we are trying, some, at getting better. People around the world are tripping over themselves to get here. If things are SO bad, why the desire? Just the other day I read a story about Adele and the fact that she has 3, yes 3, multimillion dollar homes in the United States. Why? Things are better here. Some people just want to escape the oppression, the $o©i@lis$t/©ommuni$t societies that keep them living in fear. Some, with the financial means, know things are definitely better here. Those who are equally financially able, never followed through with leaving this country after Trump’s election. 🤔

          We’re not where we need to be but we’ll get there. I believe…just don’t think it will happen in my lifetime.

      • That’s not the point. The point is the ballots are being sent to ineligible voters.
        That is the bigger issue. I don’t care who they vote for they are not allowed to vote Period!

  • Dereliction of duty is grounds for the governor to remove county officials. Get moving, Ron.

  • News alert for all you election fraud investigators: Tonight the Rethuglican Party is having their annual Circle Jerk party of self praise in Alachua. There will be plenty of election stealing plotting and planning going on. Please investigate them. Plenty of Stolen Election vintage 2020 whine to get drunk on.

    • Who’s stroking who…Please explain to the readers here the puppet masquerading as president who isn’t permitted by his handlers to answer questions. Who’s really in charge?

      Trump had arguably a treasonous Chief of Staff but I’m pretty sure Trump knew the combination to the football. Hell, I bet he even remembered what room the football was in. 🤣

      Would you rather circle back to that?

  • (without Eddie Rabbit, what are you trying to do, Eddie Rabbit gives big clues about War on You)

  • The fact it’s taken almost a year for investigations to reveal organized election fraud at the local levels, portends doom for the republic. Mob rule will return like a Dark Ages II after the collapse and fall of “progressive” policies, like other Dem-run cities and states soon. Hence the rising interest in militias, survivalist freeze dried food, and DOJ FBI unconstitutional entrapment plots.

  • How will big government keep oppressing these people if they are allowed to vote? Big government needs to conduct their “wars” on some people and it is a lot better if those people can’t vote and have no representation at all. Big government has to keep their carceral business running and profitable. So many people depend on big government jobs and money.

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