“Instead, we’re going to live within your means!”


  • Many of us have always believed Harvey “two face” to be a thief and he derives a degree of pleasure from what he can extract or insert into people’s backsides.

    Thanks for the proper censored version!

  • All this money and not a lot to show for it. Now they want even more. No matter how much they have, it’s never enough.

  • Typical democrat crap, raise taxes. 29%. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Lyn, the city’s money making asset was stolen from it by Republicans. How would you do if your place of business was confiscated?

  • “Gainesville City Commission unanimously adopts 29% property tax increase over rolled-back rate, cuts only $327,372 from previous year’s budget”

    Quote from another AC headline.

  • The legislature took away part of Gainesville’s “means”, you fool. The City owns GRU and should – via it’s leaders elected by citizens – do with it’s profits what it wants. Clemons, Perry,, and DeSantis get to dictate city policy now through their cherry picked board, and neither one could ever get elected in the city themselves.

    This is the kind of hostile takeover fascism DeSantis specializes in and which creeps like Fuller cheer on.

    • Speaking of creeps. It’s creepy that even after all the fiscally incompetent decisions these commissioners have made you still support them.
      In reference to your earlier comment, local managers have been caught using profits to the detriment of the business.
      The Board has decided it’s time for new management…see Bob Iger replaces Bob Chapek.

      • Guest, your inability to follow an oft repeated simple argument based on principle, indicates that you probably should stay on the porch.

        Nothing I have written here says I support – or do not support – any of the city commissioners for election. What i have repeatedly said is that the ones being screwed are voters who are being relieved of control of their property by hostile powers, one of whom has received $100k of illegal dark money by FPL for a political campaign. You can love or hate Harvey Ward but it makes no difference to the fact that the “new management” you are so excited about will answer to no one but the governor. You know, the guy who lives 150 miles from here, and never visits Gainesville.

        • Ward’s obviously got you tied to his front porch. Every comment you make is an endorsement for the continued incompetence you bow down to.
          Harvey Ward has no character and if you support him it’s clear you are lacking as well.
          Your moniker says it all, you enjoy blowing. Have at it.

    • Jazzbitch keeps on bitchin’. Who would seriously want people like Hanrahan, Poe, Warren, Hayes-Santos, and Saco in charge of their utility company? Only a fool. It’s more Democrat projection. He’s the fool.

    • Jazzman, – If the commission was only doing “with it’s profits what it wants” this wouldn’t be such an issue. For years they have been far exceeding their “profits.” Surely you recognize that, or do you routinely overdraft your bank accounts as the City Commission has been doing – unchecked – for quite some time now. Unfortunately, it has been at the expense of the citizens. This isn’t the Governor’s fault, it’s the fiscally irresponsible Commission’s fault. I can feel the hatred in your words, but much of it is misplaced. This Commission as been STEALING from GRU, that’s called embezzlement (theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer). The city (citizens) of Gainesville employs the commissioners, and according to your argument we “own” this business.” I ask you, who stole from whom first??? As “owners” many of us feel, as you stated, that our “business was confiscated” by this incompetent, thieving commission. It’s criminal, and goes well beyond partisan politics.

      • Working Mom, putting aside your false statement that commissioners have been “stealing” money from GRU – they would rightly be arrested if that was true – and that GRU was overdrawn – their credit rating is, or was before the legislature knee capped it, higher than FPL’s (the utility that for some reason – gee, I wonder what? – gave Perry $100k of illegal dark money for one of his close campaigns – perhaps the legitimate answer to the problem you have is that you should win an election and replace the commisioners. Get it? That’s how democracy works. Fascism works by putting power in the hands of a centralized autocrat who makes all your decisions for you. I guess that’s what most of you want.

        • Azzman , stay tuned. It’s been reported and substantiated they took money in excess of GRU profits for several years . The percentage of the transfer was way out of line with the 33 other comparable utilities. A 5th grade math student could figure it out. That is why you Heroes are Fired and are circling the wagons. A real audit is underway by State Auditors they cant fire when the bad news comes. They have a history of firing City Auditors and Managers that have tried to help and point out their financial ignorance . Capiche?

        • I’m not a fascist, Jazzman. I’m a hard working single mother who worked a lot of overtime and pinched a lot of pennies to stay within a budget so that I could afford to raise a productive member of society and pay her way through college without student loans she’ll expect the government to erase. I understand simple math, something that eludes this commission. They have spent far more than their “profits,” and that’s a fact regardless of the credit rating. It also has nothing to do with my political affiliation. I’m a citizen of Gainesville who resents a commission that expects me to pick up the tab for their fiscal irresponsibility. I apologize if you find that offensive.

          • Working, I don’t find it offensive that you resent the commission and want them all gone. It’s your insistence that the state help you do this because elections haven’t gone the way you want.

            By the way, my wife and I also have worked hard all our lives and have 2 college grad “kids”, both of whom are productive members of society, and who we are both proud of, just as I am sure you are rightly proud of yours.

        • One can’t help but wonder what Jizzman gets from his continued support for such fiscal incompetence.

    • The Republican candidates you mentioned were actually representing the citizens who carry the load and burden of this corruptly run city administration. In fact; one of the naacp leaders was / is trying to sue DeSantis. All this gives some ‘light’ to where the excessive utility fees from the citizens were being applied to. It is a rabbit hole that will be held accountable by the Almighty!

  • And…the loony liberal spending spree continues as the spend, spend, spend us into bankruptcy.

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