Interim Growth Management Director Jeffrey Hays on Alachua County Talks

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – In this episode of Alachua County Talks, host Mark Sexton, Alachua County Communications Director, interviews Alachua County Interim Growth Management Director Jeffrey Hays. Mr. Hays details the development review process in Alachua County.

Watch the interview here.

In speaking of the program, Alachua County Talks host Mark Sexton said, “There is currently a great deal of community interest in development and the issues around it. Mr. Hayes takes this very complicated topic and explains it in a way that makes it understandable.”

The Growth Management Department works to promote a sustainable, vibrant, and equitable community through the implementation of policies to manage desired and expected growth in the County.

  • Mr. Sexton, can you comment on what the county is doing to keep vagrants out of intersections and other counties sending their released inmates to Alachua County? Is this why Desantis is sending national guard to help the DOC?

  • I hope this Hayes/Hays is no relation or association with the moronic imbecile on the Gangsville City commission who is probably the worst commissioner ever in the state. A victim minority wannabe from Canada that hyphenated his hast name with his short term step dads name SANTOS right around the time he ran for city commission and then claimed to be a minority. LOL, from where? What heritage. Doesn’t speak a word of Spanish and has no relative of color. The public has snickered at him for years and he is frequently referred to as Lying Hyphen-Hayes. What a poor representative to have. He has voted for and supported more ideas that have greatly increased taxes and GRU rates with zero to show for it. This zero needs sent to the cheap seats on his mother’s apron strings.

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