Investigation indicates that Gainesville man stole items from Home Depot and then pawned them over 60 times


Robert Lavell Green, 40, was arrested yesterday and charged with grand theft, fraud, dealing in stolen property, and resisting arrest after investigators found evidence that he regularly walks out of Home Depot with items he has not paid for and then takes them straight to a pawn shop. Records at the pawn shop indicate that he has done this over 60 times since August of 2021.

The investigation report states that Green has been “constantly” doing “pushout” thefts at both Gainesville Home Depot locations. He then goes straight to the same pawn shop and sells the stolen merchandise.

Investigators took a list of Green’s pawn shop activity to the Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer, and using the dates, times, and items on the list, the Prevention Officer was reportedly able to match up surveillance video showing Green walking out with the items, usually waving a receipt from a lesser purchase if any employees questioned him.

In one instance, Green was reportedly captured on video walking out of the garden center of the Home Depot at NW 13th Street with a chainsaw and hedge trimmer, flashing a receipt at employees “who are already somewhat distracted,” bypassing both points of purchase, and never offering payment. Two minutes later, he allegedly re-enters the store and does the same thing with another chainsaw. The total value of the stolen items on that day was $897. Thirteen minutes later, pawn shop records show that Green received $400 cash for the three items, attesting that he was their true and rightful owner.

Post Miranda, Green reportedly admitted that he has “constantly” been stealing items from both Gainesville Home Depot stores for months and then pawning them because he needed money. He also reportedly admitting to flashing receipts from earlier, lesser purchases when challenged by employees. Green also reportedly said he has not stolen anything from Lowe’s because Lowe’s tends to always have someone monitoring the doors.

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Green reportedly said this was “just something he started doing” because he tried it, found it was easy at Home Depot, and just kept doing it to get money. He reportedly said that he “got out of control with it.”

Green is on probation for possession of cocaine. His bond has been set at $45,000 on the theft/fraud charges; he is being held without bond on the violation of probation.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 


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