“It’s almost like someone is putting words in her mouth!”


    • The blind leading the blind! Of course, almost better to be blind than look at those two eyesores and bags of hot air! Fugly!

      • So, you’re a Kat kind of guy? I mean if looks are important to you.

    • Democrats have proven to be the fascists. Apparently you don’t know the meaning of the word fool. You are commie scum my friend

    • Speaking of Dummies…..You need to look up Fascism….this town is a commie fustercluck.

  • Yeah, that would be terrible if Hinson was representing the commission elected by the owners of GRU, while Chuckie and Kiethie represent FPL and the Governor voters in Gainesville hate.

    What’s wrong with this guy Jake, I mean other than not having a job.

  • But….but….but….if you take GRU how will they fix the roads? Oh….that’s right…they weren’t going to fix them anyway.

  • I can hear city hall screaming now! Fuller you racist, you bigot. I say keep it coming Jake, might keep those corrupt politicians on their toes. You ROCK Fuller!

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