Jail inmate charged with battery after fight over phone use

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Randy Sampson Handy, 42, an inmate in the Alachua County Jail, was charged with battery by a jail detainee after allegedly punching another inmate who complained that other inmates were skipping ahead of him in the phone line.

At about 4:50 p.m. on Saturday, a group of inmates were reportedly in the day room of G pod at the jail when the victim said multiple people skipped ahead of him in the phone line. The victim told the responding Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy that this happens a lot, and he believes it’s a “racial issue.” The victim said he told Handy this was unfair to him and Handy responded, “Say something else, cracker,” got up from his seat, and started punching the victim in the head.

The deputy noted that the incident was captured on video.

Post Miranda, Handy reportedly said that the victim has caused “multiple issues within the pod” and that he was “close to starting another altercation with another inmate” that day. Handy reportedly admitted hitting the victim and said he did that because the victim spit on him.

The deputy reported that the video does not show the victim spitting on Handy.

Handy was on federal probation when he was arrested on April 4 for domestic battery. At that time, he had two felony convictions (none violent) and seven misdemeanor convictions (one violent). He posted bail of $15,000 but was arrested again on April 19 for violating his release condition of not contacting the victim of the April 4 offense; he was also charged with another count of domestic battery for an April 19 incident against the same victim. On April 24, he was charged with 45 counts of violating his release conditions for allegedly trying to send mail to the victim, making 19 phone calls to her after the first arrest, and making 25 calls to her after the second arrest.

The first domestic battery charge was dropped, but he entered a plea of nolo contendere to 11 counts of violating his release conditions and was sentenced to 120 days of jail on June 14.

Judge Mark Moseley set bail at $10,000 on the new charge.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Not too bright giving his criminal sentence. He seems to be unable learn and now he is demanding more phone time. I know the phone is free but when did DEI get interjected?

  • Another reason to keep them locked up. Unless they promise to flee to Atlanta wearing a necklace zapper if they don’t. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Handy better get used to using his hands. Given his history, he’ll be getting used to same sex communities.

  • Exactly why the hardened criminals shouldn’t be in there with people who are just trying to do their time and get out

  • Should have been charged as a hate crime, funny how they can use racist terms and say whatever they want but call everyone else the racist. Hypocrites

  • County Commissioners should be charged with accessory to the crime. For providing free (at cost to taxpayers) phone calls. Who was he calling anyway the victim or her family.

      Any local call from anywhere is free.Remember phones that hung on your kitchen wall ? But any call to a different area code the person being called has to accept charges or the call disconnects. The jail can’t legally charge for what is free.

      • You really are dumb and don’t know how it works at jail, phone service is not “free”.

        • Yes they are free now in the county my nephew calls everyday day near and that’s where the problem is they dnt wanna share it to stupid as hell cause shyt ppl be needing to tlk to their love ones as well

      • Let me enlighten you – that phone on the wall in the kitchen wasn’t FREE. Your parents had to pay for that phone every month.

  • Free phone calls on my tax dollars ?? Many of us have spent seven months at sea or in a fox hole on numerous occasions without any phone service. Please tell me again why do these inmates get free phone service on my tax dollars!!!

    • Because some knuckleheaded commissioners think criminals who’ve been incarcerated for any manner of crime – including theft; deserve to have not only free phone calls, but as many as they like.
      What’s even worse is a majority of local voters feel criminals should be made to feel as comfortable as possible during their time away from home.

  • It wasn’t that long ago that Sheriff Gainey spoke before the County Commissioners about this very problem going on in the jail. In spite of the reports of increased fighting and gang related crimes in jail, Commissioner Cornell stood his ground in support of the inmates having unlimited phone calls. IMO, if you are in jail, the only right you have is to breathe. Way to go Commissioners. Another FUBAR situation that YOUR created. Let the professionals do their job and stay in your lane.

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