January 8 COVID data update


[Editor’s note: This information is provided to put the COVID-19 data in context and show trends. We are presenting the data as reported by Florida Department of Health with the understanding that the data is messy, and each day’s update changes multiple previous days. We believe that individuals should have access to as much information as possible so they can make decisions about their risks; you can find our opinions about government actions in the COVID-19 category on the site.]

According to the state dashboard, Alachua County reported an increase of 254 positive COVID-19 tests today, with an official test positivity rate of 7.67%. One new death was reported.

The death was an 88-year-old female with unknown emergency room visit and hospitalization who tested positive on September 12. She was in long-term care.

Of the people whose positive tests came back yesterday, 19 were 65 or older (this is the important number to track because those are the people who are more likely to have bad outcomes).

A total of 137 deaths have been reported in the county, 43 of which were in long-term care.

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The overall number of people (from all counties) hospitalized here for COVID-19 decreased from 246 to 235.

State COVID-19 hospitalizations increased to 7,409 today.

The state reported 19,530 new positive tests (official positivity rate of 11.46%) and a net increase of 185 deaths, 55 of which were from long-term care facilities.

Changes in deaths were reported on 35 different dates, going back to August 5.

Changes in the number of deaths by month: August (+4), September (+2), October (+1), December (+121), January (+57)

The peaks are on July 31 (235) and August 4 (239), and the 7-day moving average peak is August 5 (227).

Here is the full chart for context:

The state also publishes a chart of the percentage of new tests that are positive by day (this chart is for the whole state), showing the trend over the past 14 days.

This chart shows the trend in positivity rate for Alachua County.

This chart shows the number of negative tests reported in Alachua County by day, which gives an idea of the volume of testing:

The 7-day moving average of new cases is at 165.4 through yesterday’s cases. Here is the 7-day average of new cases for the past 14 days:

The state has vaccinated a total of 443,616 people (24,200 have received the complete series), and Alachua County has vaccinated 12,541 people (1,283 have received the complete series). Vaccines were administered first to healthcare and front-line workers, with vaccines being rolled out to people 65 and older now.

Here is the age distribution for the state; age distribution for the county is not available:

  • Thank you for bringing us the stats that are released in an understandable form, and for your comments. You do such an unbelievable consistent, helpful job of getting the news out there every day.
    The reporting of the Covid statistics by the public health powers that be and the mainstream media defies belief. This latest death is a perfect example.
    Minimal information is available to you.
    Now, if the big news outlets started demanding more info, I imagine they would get more…
    This 88 year old female treated positive Almost 4 months ago. She was living in a nursing home. Most people living in nursing homes are not doing very well. That’s why they’re living in nursing homes. Because they are so debilitated in one way or another that they can’t live and dependently, at home, and require too much care even for their family members to continue to provide for them. They need help with bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, etc., etc.
    So, are we supposed to believe that this poor elderly woman was “fighting Covid” for the last 4 months? In the hospital? Maybe in an ICU? On a ventilator? Or did she get sick, and test positive 4 months ago, and recover somewhat, and then die of further decline in the birding home, having tested positive 4 months prior?
    At any rate, she lived about 10 years past the average life expectancy, and yet her death will be added to the scary Covid-19 statistics that are used to drive the hysteria over this disease. Yes, Covid is serious. Yes, it does kill some people. But really, couldn’t the media investigate to find out how many people it kills beyond those who would have died anyway from already being fragile during cold and flu season? Couldn’t we have some solid info to put this in perspective? Or, is public health and government too “dug in” to their story and their response to the threat to tell us the truth now?
    And how about some stories about the tragedy of the many people who have lived and died in isolation and loneliness during the last days, weeks, months… almost a year now…because of our response to this virus?


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