Judge grants temporary injunction to City employees on vaccine mandate


Judge Monica Brasington of the 8th Judicial Circuit in Alachua County has granted a temporary injunction to City of Gainesville employees who filed a lawsuit against the City’s vaccine mandate. The order can be found here.

The lawsuit was filed by over 200 plaintiffs, and the judge granted their request to block enforcement of the City’s vaccine mandate for employees. Specifically, the order says, “The City shall not enforce the Vaccine Mandate policy” and “The City shall not terminate or discipline any employee for failure to comply with the Vaccine Mandate.” The mandate required employees to be “fully vaccinated” on or before October 30, 2021.

Attorney Jeff Childers argued at the hearing on September 20 that the City’s policy “facially implicates their right to privacy under the Florida Constitution,” which requires the Court to review the policy under a strict scrutiny standard.

However, the City’s attorney, Daniel Nee, did not present any evidence or witnesses at the hearing. As the order says, “Without any evidence, the Court is unable to consider whether the Vaccine Mandate serves a compelling interest through the least restrictive means, whether the Vaccine Mandate meets a strict scrutiny test, a rational basis test, or whether it meets any other standard.”

Judge Brasington cited Childers’ earlier case, Green v. Alachua County, in stating that “The right to privacy guarantees provided to Florida citizens under the Florida Constitution are broader than the right to privacy guarantees provided to citizens under the U.S. Constitution.” She further wrote that “If a challenged law implicates Florida’s right to privacy, the burden shifts to the government to prove that the law furthers a compelling state interest in the least restrictive way–also known as the ‘strict scrutiny’ standard.”

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The judge continued, “The City had an opportunity to present evidence that would show that this Vaccine Mandate was the least restrictive means to meet a compelling government interest. The City did not do that and, in fact, did not present any evidence at all. Therefore, the Court is required to find that the City failed to meet its burden of proving that the Vaccine Mandate furthers a compelling state interest in the least restrictive way.”

  • Thank God there is still some sanity left around here. I hope this predicts the final outcome of this case also. I wonder why the city’s attorney didn’t do his homework.

    • The city attorney is a she that submitted resignation. These woke nuts take advice from no experts because they already know it all and report to their higher gods: pisslosey and aoc. In other words they suck bad and would have a time getting a real job out of gov-mint jobs or programs.

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if a commissioner or two has a stroke after this decision. The conniption fit Poe and Ward are having would be worth the price of admission and Arreola must be crying on his momma’s shoulder.

  • This is great news!
    We are so fortunate to have attorney and justice warrior Jeff Childers here. He has been doing such an outstanding job defending citizens against the tyrannical overreach of our local governing authorities.

  • Judge Brasington has restored a sense of relief to thousands of Alachua county workers !!! Thank you for doing what’s right!!!

  • Sure that the Three White Woke Musketeers (Poe, Ward, Hayes – not a minority) are furious, mainly as their mandates have no power. Ha, ha! You 3 failures need dethroned and run out of town. Citizens should rise up and demand all 3 resign this month. Reign of idiocy is coming to an end and you’ll NEVER be elected to anything else. Gainesville is a laughing stock in the state, a real crap show. Stupid idiots of the highest order.

  • All current gainesville city commission members are clowns and money wasters whose ignorance is destroying a once fine place to live.

    • District 1 Commissioner D Duncan-Walker votes against the majority most of the time! She voted against this vaccine mandate!
      She was highly critical of the City Manager’s $110,000 “golden parachute” despite a consultants recommendation to fire him for cause!
      She also voted against the 7% GRU & tax increases.
      She clearly isn’t part of the Poe Cabal

  • Ha ha ..now Saco, Poe, & the other jerk-offs on
    The city commission
    Get that middle finger right back at them! What
    A bunch of miserable commie tyrants…yeah CC,
    Now you got a whole flock of birds pointed right back
    at you!….

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