Judge rules against Appiah’s request for temporary injunction in Gainesville city commission race


Today Judge Monica Brasington issued a ruling that denied Tayari “Tigh” Appiah’s motion for a temporary injunction after he was denied entry to City Hall on the last morning of qualification for a Gainesville City Commission seat.

In the ruling, the judge wrote that the plaintiff (Appiah) had failed to show evidence of irreparable harm “because there was no evidence presented to suggest that, even if the security guard had admitted Plaintiff, that he was otherwise qualified and eligible to run in this race and to be listed on the ballot.” The ruling continued: “To the extent that he was eligible and thus harmed irreparably by the inability to seek to qualify to be placed on the ballot, such harm is, in large part, attributable to his own failure to call the Clerk at the telephone number listed on the website and posted signs, his failure to email the Clerk at the email address listed on the website and posted signs, and his failure to submit any qualifying documents, prior to or after the Qualifying period deadline… Under these circumstances, the Court cannot find that he made a diligent bona fide effort.”

Appiah’s attorney Raemi Eagle-Glenn issued a statement: “The case of Tigh Appiah moves forward. We appeal Judge Brasington’s order that refused Tigh’s right to qualify. Two other issues in the case will proceed towards a jury trial: the unconstitutional city ordinance and the negligence of the private security company hired by the city.”

  • Apparently, no dissenting opinions will be tolerated at City Hall…
    Very sad.
    I will write him in, but, it will be challenging to spell his name correctly…

  • somehow it’s the security guards fault that Tigh couldn’t
    get his paperwork in on-time? isn’t the qualifying time a few
    months? and this guy wants to represent me?

  • Yet still no Chronicle article about the fact this same judge two weeks ago REJECTED the yahoo cities lawsuit against the county growth management charter amendment. The Chronicle, all the Gator sports news you want, all the anti mask articles you want equating masks and Communism, no articles that will upset their readership base the Sprungs County rednecks cuz they such fragile widdle snowflakes. Soon there will be a reply under this post by a closeted homophobe calling me rude names and making references to what he really wants to be free to do. Sigh. How sad. How predictable. Anyone know how the Gators did? Did they kneel? Did they wear a mask? Did Castro make them do it?

    • Just for Our.Very.Own.Dumb@rse…
      Speaking of calling names you just couldn’t help it could you? Nice to see you’re still alive and breathing that free air some of us fought hard to provide for you. If only you wouldn’t waste it as you do, the community would be such a nicer place. Well, at least the opinions within the Chronicle would be.

      Hope you’ll be crying the same tears 6 months from now when some of those freedoms are taken away. Oh wait! Your Republican governor has said that will not happen. I guess you could always move to New York and tell Cuomo what a great job he did putting positive Covid patients BACK into the most vulnerable populations. I know, you should be on Cuomo’s brother’s show and tell him how much you appreciate his handling of the pandemic response. He single handedly caused the single greatest migration of liberturds to the state of Florida and other right leaning states because of his continuous incompetence across all aspects of his governorship.
      Or you can just continue to live here, afraid to admit that while you’re doing all your conservative bashing, you fear for the future of this country given it’s current trajectory.

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