Judson Sapp “won’t back down”


Judson Sapp has taken to Twitter and campaign phone calls to announce that he’s had “enough of the liberal ‘political correctness’ games.” Sapp is running to replace Ted Yoho in Florida Congressional District 3.

His campaign is now providing “Gator Bait!” signs to push back on UF’s announcement that the “Gator Bait!” chant will no longer be performed at sporting events.

Sapp said, “I’ll stand up to liberals here in Florida and in Washington. Conservatives are tired of being told what they can and can’t say or do. I won’t back down to the political correctness thought police.”

  • the city commissioners are all democrats led by Mayor Lauren Poe…they write their own
    Idologies for RULES ??❤️?
    I have written him about Our Constitutional
    Rights and he blew me off…saying it’s their
    right ❗️

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