June 9 County Commission Virtual Regular Meeting Includes COVID-19 Discussion, Charter Amendments and Other Items

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission will conduct their Virtual Regular Meeting on Tuesday, June 9, at 11:30 a.m. The evening portion of this meeting is canceled. The Meeting includes a COVID-19 discussion, Charter Amendments, and other items.

The public may attend virtually through Cox Channel 12, Facebook, and the County’s Video on Demand website. For meeting audio-only, call 301-715-8592, and when prompted, use code 670 965 3024. The public may submit comments to the board through email (bocc@alachuacounty.us) or by calling into the public comment message line when prompted to call during the meeting. Public comment will be taken by telephone for all non-ministerial items on which the Commission votes. Once public comment is opened for an item under discussion, please call 929-205-6099 (enter meeting code 273 174 8038). Callers will be put in a queue and prompted when it is their turn to speak. TO AVOID FEEDBACK, SPEAKERS MUST TURN DOWN THEIR MEETING SOUND WHEN ADDRESSING THE COMMISSION. Callers should state their name and limit comments to two minutes. The Commission will allow up to a total of 30 minutes for citizen comments on each item opened for public comment. In addition, the Commission will open phone lines for one 30-minute public comment session for the public to discuss items not on the Commission agenda. The public is encouraged to submit any written or photographic documents prior to the meeting to bocc@alachuacounty.us.

The meeting agenda includes:

  • Discussion on COVID-19
  • Request Repayment of City of Gainesville Wild Spaces Public Places (WSPP) Funding for the S.W. 40th Project
  • Flint Rock Agrihood Preliminary Development Plan
  • Park Lane Phase 2A Preliminary Development Plan
  • Public Hearing on Proposed Charter Amendment Regarding County Land Use Planning for Rural Area
  • Public Hearing to Consider Whether to Place a Proposed Charter Amendment on the November Ballot Addressing the Identification and Mitigation of Racial, Economic, and Gender Bias in County Policies

View the agenda and backup items.

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  • Citizens should limit their comments to 2 minutes…
    That’s generous…When will government open up so
    Citizens can actually face the devils in-person again?
    They can all wear masks and we can social distance
    6 feet apart….they can even take our temperatures too.
    We can start with 50% occupancy…hypocrite = mask wearer. The only way to be free is to believe in who?

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