“Just another episode of Developers Gone Wild”

Press release from Edward Bielarski, NPA, for Mayor of the City of Gainesville

Mayoral candidate Ed Bielarski reflects on today’s Gainesville in the video below. “The City Commission talks a good game, however, in the neighborhoods, everybody knows that each day, it’s just another episode of Developers Gone Wild.”

If you have trouble with the video below, you can also view it here.

  • The city commission is bought and paid for by big business, UF and big developers. Its simple!

    • Probably correct on that as how could several of them at working age afford to quit jobs, or remain fired (Poe, Hayes) for the $40k city salary?

  • Construction usually starts bright and early at 7 AM daily. There is money to be made, so don’t complain. Contractors making money is the important thing, not the peasants in their little houses and what they think are their quaint little neighborhoods.

    • Good thing we got open boarders
      because it’s all the Mexicans doing the framing & putting roofs on..

    • Wrong those people in their little houses are human beings and deserve a good life, not to be surrounded by gargantuan, overbearing apartment buildings!! Their neighborhood is Historic and an important part of their lives and all of our lives!!

  • Ed Bielarski talk a good game; but has never governed. Anyone can speak on an issue; but resolving it is totally different. If you paid attention you would hear him say one thing and do another. If you vote for him; it is like you hiring a janitor to teach your kids. Why not he part of the school system?

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