Juvenile charged with attempted murder in January shooting near Sunrise Food Mart


Curtis L. Graham III, 16, has been charged as an adult with attempted second degree murder and carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

According to the incident report, at 1:05 p.m. on January 19, Graham and the victim, a 21-year-old man, passed each other while riding bicycles near the intersection of NE 23rd Avenue and NE 15th Street. According to a witness, the victim said something to Graham about how Graham looked at him, then stopped and asked Graham if he wanted to fight. Graham then allegedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victim. According to the witness, the victim said, “You win” and put his hands up.

The witness said that Graham then said, “No, I run this block” and that Graham then fired at least five shots at the victim, hitting him in the abdomen. Graham then fled the scene, while the victim and the witness ran to the Sunrise Food Mart store and asked the clerk to call police.

Video surveillance from the Sunrise Food Mart store showed Graham at the store on his bicycle moments before the shooting; the video also showed the victim and the witness riding past the store before the shooting and then running into the store after the shooting.

A few days after the shooting, another witness contacted law enforcement and told them Graham was involved in the shooting and was “scared” and thinking about turning himself in.

The victim and witness both claimed that the victim was not armed. The victim said he had been willing to fight Graham but had said, “Whoa” when he saw the gun.

Law enforcement had previously had contact with Graham in November of 2021 and noted that the jacket he had worn during that incident matched the jacket seen on the Sunrise Food Mart surveillance video. During the previous incident, they were told that Graham carries a gun, but they did not find a gun in Graham’s possession at that time.

Graham was arrested on January 19 and charged as an adult on February 14. He was moved to the Alachua County Jail on February 17 and is being held on $300,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • You ain’t gonna like this shiz:…The 21year old victim asked graham “if he wanted to fight”…boom. That’s self
    Defense. And in the light of equity, I can see past that
    He was young and carrying a gun. He still has 2nd Amendment rights. He could just as well kill have killed
    The 21 year old with his bear hands or picked up a rock…I don’t know, if I was on the jury, I might have to
    Say not guilty…that’s why you don’t start stupid shiz
    With somebody…you may be starting shiz with the
    Wrong person like what the victim did here. The government needs to put up some social justice murals
    About selling drugs and using guns in crimes and how
    It can ruin your life. The juvenile is gonna be charged
    As an adult. His lawyer will argue he’s a juvenile. Keith
    Perry’s Bill will clean his record like this never happened.
    The kid should join the military when he’s of age and
    He can live a useful productive life. This boy gets a
    Second chance.

    • It would be good advice from his attorney if he tells
      His client: to get a hair cut, act proper and not like
      A gangsta in front of the judge, and to say “that he was
      In fear for his life” when he used the gun in self defense.

    • You don’t get to call self-defense when the instigator has his hands up. Will not stand up in court if it is true. Little gansta boys need to stop playing with guns. Questions for Moms Demand, what part in this child running around with a weapon did the parents bear? How is this incident related to honest law-abiding citizens and your push to penalize them instead of criminals. And how about Moms Demand start demanding tougher bail and sentencing for criminals that use stolen weapons? You are on the wrong side of the argument. Do not continue doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We all know what that means.

  • With all the black on black crime out there, I can
    See why the juvenile would be carrying something to
    Defend himself. He’s a 16 year old kid, a 21 year old
    Dude wanted to start trouble and kick his ass. I always
    Carry a pocket knife…question is: where did the juvenile
    Get the gun and is it stolen?

    • Yes. He was tired of getting picked on and bullied. A
      21 year old wanting to pick a fight with a 16 year old..
      That’s like a 18 year beating up on a 13 year old…
      The older guy got his ass kicked or in this instance,
      Ass shot. He didn’t kill him. The 21 year old learned a lesson..

  • Law enforcement made the reference that “the juvenile was wearing the
    Same jacket from a prior incident”…this is a good reason
    To NOT get a face or neck tattoo and commit crimes because although they may look cool, they are a tool to be used for positive identification…look at the mugshots:
    Guys got stars or phrases tattooed on them that won’t
    Come off…those are the things we remember easily.

  • After the 1968 Chicago riots the judges gave the young criminals a choice. Jail or 2 years in the military.
    We should revisit this initiative. The military will straighten out most of them plus guide them into a career.

  • Sad evidence of the de-evolution of youth in legacy Voting Rights Act gerrymandered districts, which ruined schools too. He’s a third generation son, but compare his life today to that of his older generations, before one-party Dem rule took things over. Sad tragedy and waste.

  • All you folks that are calling this a stand your ground incident…..A better name might be the ‘George Zimmerman Defense’…..although in this case there was no physical contact only a verbal threat before the gun play…

    • Stand your ground is an excellent law. However, you cannot shoot someone that has obviously acquiesced having placed their hands in the air. That is not self-defense. You may not have a duty to retreat, but you do have a moral duty to de-escalate if possible.

  • Maybe the whole thing started because he looked like a teenage girl on a bike, with that hair. Families should raise boys to be boys and start going to church again.

    • and other people should mind there business he looks like a young boy with his hair like that and you don’t even know him nor his family to say whether he attends church or not, needless to say that they would start a quarrel over him looking like a girl on a bike have some dignity

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