K-9 Deputy Mikell Mccoy and K-9 Khaos recognized for their work in apprehending drug dealers

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr. is pleased to announce that K-9 Deputy Mikell McKoy and his K-9 Partner Khaos have been recognized with a Certificate of Commendation in recognition of their incredible work regarding the following incident:

Deputy McKoy and K-9 Khaos assisted several other units with a high-risk traffic stop that resulted in the apprehension of an organized group of Mexican Nationals who were planning to distribute dangerous illicit drugs, including deadly fentanyl-laced Oxycodone, throughout North Central Florida. The traffic stop yielded approximately one-third of a kilogram of Heroin, a trafficking amount of fentanyl-laced M30 pills, and two semi-automatic handguns. Three drug traffickers were arrested as a result of this stop. All of the suspects arrested in this incident were federally convicted in 2022 and face time in federal prison.

Deputy McKoy and K-9 Khaos assisted in removing $300,000 worth of deadly poison from the streets of Alachua County, which continues to support Sheriff Watson’s mission of ensuring that Alachua County remains a safe place for our citizens.

K-9 Khaos was treated with a “Pup Cup” shortly after this photo was taken!

  • “…that resulted in the apprehension of an organized group of Mexican Nationals…”——Can you say “Mexican Nationals”?
    I thought the new pronoun for that was “southern neighbors”…

  • I guess the sheriff is keeping a low profile, since he isn’t presenting the award. Does Mexican Nationals mean they had visas, or are they just more illegal aliens?

    • Are they sending them back to Mexico after they do their Federal time? They should be prohibited from entering the USA again after this.

  • Thank You for you’re service. We appreciate everyone of you all and pray for you’re safety. Always come home safe , We need Everyone of you !

  • Awesome work gentleman, so glad Florida is not letting the leftie freaks defund Law Enforcement.

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