Kat Cammack joins other Republicans in advocating for the use of technology and innovation to create more opportunities and increase wages

Press release from Republicans on the Select Committee for the Economy

Yesterday, Ranking Member Bryan Steil (WI-01) and Republicans on the Select Committee on the Economy participated in a hearing on automation. During the hearing, Republicans focused on promoting policies to expand opportunity, increase wages, and grow the economy. 

In his opening remarks, Ranking Member Steil said:

“The principles that should guide our work are a belief in equal access to opportunity for all Americans. A belief that American capitalism is the engine to prosperity. A belief that work is more rewarding, both financially and emotionally, than a government check could ever be. And a belief that strong communities and healthy families are essential to prosperity because big government is not a solution to all of our challenges.”

Congresswoman Cammack said:

“Our nation is based on equal opportunity. Utilizing technology and innovation to create more opportunities and increase wages must be our focus. Automation can in fact lead to higher paying jobs, more production and prosperity in America. It is time for us to redirect our focus to invest in workers and workforce development.”

Congressman Byron Donalds said:

“We are seeing major differences in wages between four-year degrees and post-graduate programs. Our baseline education is showing that our remediation rates are dramatically high, and degree tracks often have a direct impact on an individual’s ability to progress. It is imperative that our students in K-12 are prepared for the jobs of the future, and that we adjust our education policies to incorporate innovation and the future of work.”

Congressman Warren Davidson said:

“Change can be hard, but it is inevitable. America has been dynamic since its founding. From agriculture, to aerospace, to fintech we see innovation improving our lives. It’s not just low-skilled, low-wage jobs technology is helping us change. It is time for us to focus on updating our policies so American workers and businesses can compete with China and our international competitors.”

Congressman Jodey Arrington said: 

“We need to focus on creating opportunity for all Americans. We must adapt to our changing economy and offer education and skills-based training opportunities for our workers. Free markets and fair-trade agreements are one of the most effective and powerful ways we can do this. It is time for us to craft policies that will offer more opportunity and mobility for all Americans.”

Congresswoman Stephanie Bice said:

“We have put so much emphasis on colleges and universities that we have forgotten there are so many jobs available in this country unrelated to a four-year degree. Our workforce’s needs are changing so quickly, yet our education and training programs aren’t keeping up. We need to make sure our policies are focusing on the future of work and are helping to build upon workers’ success to advance their careers.”

  • We shouldn’t be paying higher wages because a person drives a truck with a hydraulic arm on it thinking that they are somehow more technical. The people that must learn the technology in order to be able to troubleshoot the electronics in it to keep it running are the ones with the technical skills. We must first understand what skills are in play to compensate accordingly. Also, maybe Kat should not advocate for red-flag laws as she is a supposed 2A advocate.

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