Kat Cammack Leads Members-elect Letter Demanding Nancy Pelosi Investigates 2020 Election

Press release from Kat for Congress

Updated December 16 with the actual letter

Congresswoman-elect Kat Cammack of Florida’s Third Congressional District championed a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding an investigation by the U.S. House of Representatives into the 2020 election, alongside 25 other members-elect.

The letter highlights the concerns of the 2020 election. Representative-elect Cammack joined Martha McCallum on Fox News this evening to discuss the letter. Click here to watch the segment.

Representative-elect Kat Cammack gave the following statement:

“The American people deserve answers. We must have confidence in our elections. Anything less is unacceptable.”

Kat Cammack, the Congresswoman-elect for FL-03, will be the youngest Republican woman serving in the 117th Congress. Kat is a small business owner, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District prior to her election.

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  • “Let it go, Let it go, can’t hold it back anymore”…
    The new conservative representative needs to accept the fact that Trump lost the election. Although some illicit activity probably did occur, even Trump’s former AG has stated there was not evidence of enough widespread fraud to not only warrant further investigation but no where near enough to overturn the election results. The SCOTUS denied the request to hear the case. There are 3 Justices appointed by Trump himself.
    Kat needs to stop scratching in the litterbox and be happy she was elected to perform a job representing this area and get to doing just that.

    • I agree with everything the above poster says. A 3rd District rep is elected to represent the 3rd District, not to replace Rudy G. as Trump’s personal defense lawyer. If there was such widespread fraud, why isn’t she questioning her own win? Did she benefit from all this fraud? We need to know.

  • How does anyone know if there “wasn’t enough fraud/irregularities to overturn the election without investigating and verifying results?? Why is the left so scared of an accurate recount?? it would stop all the in fighting but proving its legit REGARDLESS of who wins. it is called election integrity, maybe its the integrity part that the left has issue with?

    • Well for one, Trump’s own self-appointed AG stated the Justice Department didn’t find enough evidence to warrant an investigation. Kind of the same premise state prosecutors follow in determining whether to file charges. Trump and his most ardent followers say he couldn’t have lost the election because he had over 74 million votes. Well I hate to break it to those who don’t know but 81 million is a slightly greater number than 74 million. I don’t like the results any more than I liked sitting through 8 years of Obama but we weathered that and I’m fairly confident we can weather 4 years of Biden. Don’t forget, the results of this election were not a vote for Biden but more of what occurred in 2016…a vote against Donald Trump and his antics. He managed to polarize this country like never before. Trouble has been smoldering for years, he just threw on the gasoline.
      Don’t misunderstand me, I voted for him as I’m sure many others did. The problem is he also caused a large number of people, yes even dead ones, to not vote for him.
      Whether people accept it or not is up to them. If they do, maybe this country can begin some degree of healing. If they don’t, they can always opt to say what some on the left stated about 4 years ago, “I’m leaving the country.”

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