Kiss your sovereign’s ring


  • I think Harvey “Two Face” is hiding under his king’s trailing mantle.

    Always said he hid behind some girl’s skirt…might as well be Hoe Poe’s coat.

    Another good one Jake, I understand you would run out of ink depicting all the liberal knuckleheads who keep voting for these idiots. They still believe…

  • Good one Jake!…brings to mind how Bielarski got
    To keep his job by having to appoint a “climate chief” so
    He could be spared… hmmmm. Where does all this
    Climate talk stuff come from? Oh, it’s UN agenda stuff..
    But didn’t they take a loyalty oath & uphold the state &
    US constitution? They pledged allegiance to the United Nations? Got it! The commies have infiltrated all
    Levels of government, non profits, NGO’s…they
    Took over without firing a shot.

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