Kitna told police he struggles to control his interests in pornography


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The full arrest report for Jalen Kitna, backup UF quarterback, has now been released, and it includes admissions that Kitna struggles with interests in pornographic images showing juvenile teen girls.

A CyberTip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was received on June 23, 2022, regarding an account that Kitna reportedly acknowledged was his. The tip included an image that showed a pre-pubescent female engaged in sexual activity with an adult male.

The IP address associated with the upload belongs to Gainesville Regional Utilities and resolves to Kitna’s apartment. The phone number associated with the Discord account was a Verizon account that was billed to Jon Kitna, Jalen’s father.

In response to a search warrant, Discord also reportedly provided a second image associated with Kitna’s account; that one was uploaded and shared with another Discord user within two minutes of the upload and sharing of the first image. The second image showed a “pubescent juvenile female” wearing only a bra, photographed from the rear while bending over.

Discord also reportedly provided chats from Kitna’s account, in which he had conversations about trading images. One chat transcript included in the arrest report includes the following:

“Wait what
Are they under 18

Another chat included comments about liking “incest. Teen stuff etc” and “Feet incest pregnant pee breastfeed milfs.” The report does not clearly indicate which comments were made by Kitna.

Gainesville Police Department Officers reportedly surveilled the apartment “on multiple occasions” and saw Kitna there. A search warrant was served at 7:35 a.m. on November 30, and contact was made with Kitna and his roommates. Kitna reportedly provided the passcode to his cellphone.

Post Miranda, Kitna reportedly acknowledged ownership of the phone number and email address associated with the Discord account and said that the Discord account has been deactivated. He reportedly said he remembered sharing the two images but believed them to be “legal” because he found them online. However, he reportedly said he realized that he shouldn’t share them after seeing the reaction of the other user he shared them with. He said he assumed someone had reported him to Discord when his account was deactivated due to violation of the terms of service.

Kitna also reportedly acknowledged that he spends time on servers that “discuss, solicit, and distribute child sexual abuse material,” but that he “tries to shy away from it.” The arrest report states that he “has been struggling with controlling his interests (age-appropriate material, incest, etc).”

Kitna reportedly admitted searching Google for pornographic content, frequently using the word “teen.” He reportedly said he prefers pornographic content that is within his age range; when asked what that is, he said within a few years of his age (19) but later clarified and said he doesn’t prefer anyone younger than 16 years old.

Kitna reportedly said he was worried that deleted illegal content might be recovered from his devices and said he might have accidentally downloaded child sexual abuse material but would immediately delete it.

A subsequent search of Kitna’s iPhone reportedly found three child sexual abuse images. All three show two nude pubescent juvenile girls in a shower in various poses; the images were saved to the phone on December 7, 2021.

Kitna has been charged with two counts of distribution of child exploitation material and three counts of possession of child pornography. Judge Meshon Rawls set bail at $80,000; Kitna will not be permitted to use the internet or have unsupervised contact with minors.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Updated at 5:20 p.m. with bail information.

  • Uh, sorry you should be able to tell when you are looking at a child. This is why UF athletes should have to live on campus and have someone looking over their shoulder to ensure that a scholarship is not being abused.

  • Remember the guy from a couple days ago who got arrested with a 15 year old girl in his car? He was in his 40’s, I think. Jaworski gave him bond of $2,000. Kitna just got $80K in bond from a different judge. Jaworski is way off the mark!!

    • The 48yo drunk got a 10k bail which he will be unlikely to raise. This kid has a lot more connections being a UF QB. Bail isn’t supposed to be connected to the severity of the alleged crime, but to the relative flight risk, and is only lawful when a suspect is considered a much higher than average flight risk. If anything the disparity should be higher between these two.

    • They take how much money you have into consideration. Dad probably put the $80K on his Amex.

  • Hey, this guy is under 23, so he is legally allowed to have sex with a 16 year old in Florida. Weird law that he can do that, but photos of same are illegal.

  • Does this make him eligible for “Fair Chance Hiring”? May not be a crime in Seattle.

    • The inability to distinguish between right and wrong is (many things but is also) vaccine injury.
      Why so much sexual dysphoria in todays’ society?…children having gender identity problems, transsexualism, homosexuality, etc. testosterone, brain injury, these are all factors.

  • Ms. Cabrera, in future reports please don’t use the euphemism “pre-pubescent female” instead of saying plainly, “child”.

    • Its the legal term for “child” defined in the statue of Florida Law. Kinda gives structure to exactly what hes being charged with and why.

  • Rule # 1! Never talk to the police after you’ve been arrested. He did….and ….it will be used against him.

  • Is his lawyer with UF’s preferred firm Mellon Law, so he can use Albert mascot on his plea bargain team?

  • I do hope other students and young adults see how much trouble this can get you into. This kid went from a promising stellar career as possibly an NFL QB with a fine education to maybe being a listed sex offender for life (resulting in very reduced opportunities). Pay attention to this young folks! Don’t even go near it! If you have compelling thoughts, seek counseling of some kind, there is help if you ask!

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