Konish: Small landlords beware!



This article is a follow-up to a previous article, Konish: “Renters’ Rights” Ordinance will drive out small landlords, published October 5, 2020.

As if the Covid Affidavit (filed by tenants to avoid being evicted during COVID-19) was not enough, prepare for the City of Gainesville’s “Renters’ Rights” Ordinance, which is slated to take effect on October 1, 2021.

I was recently given a preview of what is to come after the ordinance takes effect, and my experience is likely to be repeated whenever a rental property with four or fewer units within the City of Gainesville is listed for sale.

Owners of rental property need to be aware that when an “As Is” offer is made, the “buyers” generally have an unconditional right to withdraw their “offer” within an “inspection” period of 15 days, and this can be used to generate inspection reports that will turn into reports to the City about your “subpar” rental property.

Recently, an unethical realtor made a suspiciously generous and competitive offer on my property, showed up with hostile “buyers,” then rudely accosted my tenants. The next day, these “buyers” proceeded to morph their “As Is” offer into a ridiculous demand that I upgrade my property, using contractors of their choice, with work done to their specifications, on an inadequate budget. The upgrades would then be subject to the “buyers'” approval, and the property would be subject to a new appraisal. 

When the owner of a rental property attempts to sell their property after October 1 in Gainesville, unethical realtors will likely use their “inspector” to come up with a damning “report.” They will then call their cronies in City Hall and have City Inspectors double down on their findings; they will then attempt to stop the rental of the property until the demanded upgrades are made to the satisfaction of their “buyer” and City-employed political hacks.

The best option for the seller will then be to unload their now-distressed property to a corrupt cabal constituted of unethical realtors, “buyers,” and their political allies in City Hall. 

This must not stand!

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  • Realtors follow a strict Code of Ethics. If you feel that the one you dealt with was unethical you should submit the proper complaint to have the situation reviewed.

    To group all Realtors in the same group due to the actions of one is wreckless but not surprising coming from you! I assure you not many Realtors have friends in City Hall. Us Realtors actually lobbied against the new landlord requirements taking effect October 1 and sent letters and attended meetings.

    Having the facts instead of just your opinion would better support your cause. Your opinion piece stretches the truth and fails to address your short comings as a landlord while blaming other when only one side of the story is told.

    • Part of my comment was removed but one should look at Mr. Konish record as a landlord.

  • I have a broker license in 2 states. Gainesville is the most crooked town I’ve ever experienced, by far. None of this surprises me.

  • JIM KONISH is a very smart guy! Sometimes (most times?) he’s a bit brash but in substance always sound! His bluntness aside, it’s always good to listen to Jim K & heed his warnings!

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