Lake City man charged in June 27 shooting that left resident of The Enclave paralyzed


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Kob’ie Trevellus Jaman Archer, 21, of Lake City, was arrested early this morning on a warrant issued following interviews with Cedric Leon Cohens II, who was arrested June 28 for attempted homicide following a shooting at The Enclave Apartments that paralyzed one man.

According to the sworn complaint filed against Archer, Cohens initially denied knowing about the robbery but eventually admitted that he knew the son of the shooting victim had large amounts of drugs and cash in his apartment and told Archer about it after Archer asked him whether he knew anyone selling “blow” (powdered cocaine).

Cohens admitted to agreeing with Archer and two others via Facebook Messenger to commit the robbery and also agreed to pick up Archer from Lake City. After picking up Archer, he picked up the other two co-defendants, who are not identified in the sworn complaint. Video surveillance at a Busy Bee store in Lake City reportedly shows Archer getting out of the vehicle and going inside to pay for gas before they left Lake City.

When the four arrived at The Enclave, Cohens reportedly went inside first, then the other three burst through the door and robbed the son at gunpoint. During the robbery, the father was shot.

The four then got back into Cohens’ vehicle and drove back to Lake City; Cohens reportedly said that Archer stated numerous times that he had to shoot the father.

Archer has been charged with armed home invasion robbery and attempted homicide. He is being held on $1,500,000 bond. Cohens remains in the Alachua County Jail on the same charges, with bail of $1,250,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • The victim’s lifelong care will run into millions of dollars, unless his life is cut way short, due to infection or respiratory failure or other consequences of his devastating injury. This perp could have easily killed the victim, and others, and it’s only for to luck, or his poor shooting technique that more people weren’t killed or injured…
    I wonder how long before he’s back out on the streets again…
    I’m pretty sure it won’t be long enough, that he is incarcerated and deprived of his liberty as punishment for being a threat to society.

  • The son of the man who was shot is also at fault. He invited these wannabe gangsters to come to Gville to buy drugs and got his father shot over drugs. I wonder if he feels any regrets. The way the judicial system works in Alachua County he will be back in Lake City shortly. Hopefully he will go back to his wannabe bloods and crips war in Lake City and street justice will prevail. We have enough wannabe gangsters here without importing them from other another county. Parents need to take control of their kids. If they break the law beat their asses. They should fear the discipline of a parent over the judicial system. I know some of them are adult age but if they live under a parents roof they are still a kid subject to house rules.

    • first off homie you don’t know all the details of this story so don’t be so quick to think you do! The son did not invite these masked gunmen into his home. Cedric whom he knew only thru another person just showed up and was alone when he came to the door. The only people to blame for this are the people whom committed the crime of home invasion robbery! This dad is a Hero in my eyes for taking action to save his son who was being pistol whipped by masked men in his home where his residence where he should have been safe. Also, this Dad is now a quadriplegic and has been battling for the last 4weeks, mentally physically and all of the above

  • And Dems say public schools have no behavior issues? He’s 21 and either a dropout or held back in 3rd grade still. Only class he passed was CRT’s rap video history. And we’re the guns bought with drug money, or stolen?

  • I don’t know how to break it to you, but vast amounts of drugs flow throughout Gainesville each and every day without animals who can’t play by the rules deciding to kill someone. Your comment is like saying, “She was a prostitute, so it’s her own fault she got murdered.” Uh, no it’s not. I doubt he was some sort of drug kingpin or he would have had better security in the first place. Probably just some poor guy trying to supplement his income while “helping out” his friends.

      • Thanks for comment but I see that your view is also part of the issue. So he is a small time drug dealer and trying to supplement his income which I realize is small since he lives with his father. I guess he could not find one of those 15 dollar an hour hamburger flipper jobs. It still stands that if you enable yourself to take employment in criminal activities so matter how innocent it can be you invite the risk of people coming and doing harm. No matter how small the crime the risk is always there. It could have done the deal outside of his father’s residence. Sorry, seen way to much of this crap in real time. If you play by the devil’s rules one day the devil himself will come visit you to collect. It’s that simple.

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