Legal assistance available for eviction and landlord/tenant issues

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County encourages residents to take advantage of legal assistance available through the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), which offers services to renters who may be experiencing tenant issues, including evictions or legal barriers affecting their housing stability.

There are three ways for people to receive assistance.

1.  County residents who make 50% or less than the area medium income (AMI) can receive direct legal aid and representation when facing eviction by reaching out to:

  • Florida Legal Services eviction prevention helpline – 888-780-0443
  • Three Rivers Legal Services – 352-372-0519

The AMI is based on household size and gross income. Check AMI income amounts.

2.  Florida Legal Services (FLS) and the County are offering monthly tenant legal workshops that are available to the public, where county residents can ask questions and speak with attorneys on-site to discuss their situation. For information on upcoming workshops, call 888-780-0443.

3.  Those who make 80% or less of the AMI and have additional questions concerning landlord/tenant issues are encouraged to call the FLS helpline at 888-780-0443.

Since January 2021, Alachua County has received more than $32.9 million in grants to go toward various ERAP initiatives, which include rent, utilities, housing stability, affordable housing and administrative costs. To date, Alachua County has received more than 4,600 applications for ERAP assistance.

  • What about a landlord legal helpline?
    It costs me $850 to hire a lawyer to evict a deadbeat tenant. I just increased 4 tenants rents 25% because of sh!t government programs like this…the unintended consequences of gov intervention…you know that any aggravation, tax increases, fees, or BS that causes me time, aggravation, or money will be passed on to the tenants…

  • In 2010 I was leasing 2 bedroom apartments for $400 a month, today they are $1200 a month and I am making less money than I did before. Government “help” is one of the reasons why.

  • More lawyers get money, instead of building housing affordable for owner-occupancy by low income single adults. 👹🤡🍦🍦🍦D

  • I am a ‘renter’ in that I ‘own’ my property but Must Pay, at the point of a gun, the property taxes. Don’t believe it? Try not paying the All Benevolent Gubbmint’….They will sell your property and come with guns (Armed Law Enforcement) and put your ass on the curb, just as certain as the sun rises. The same goes for the landlord who neglects the tax payment that he must collect from the tenant….and BTW, the Gubbmint’ won’t paint the walls, fix the plumbing or patch the roof…..they just demand their money. My property taxes are about $330.00/month. They would be higher if I was renting the property and did not have Homestead Exemption.

  • I think it is great that they use our tax $$$ to keep people in properties they are not paying for or are tearing up. It does my heart good to know the little old lady who is living off her investment in a rental is now paying the price for being a greedy azz landlord.

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