Legislative delegation meeting to be held March 17 in Tallahassee

File photos from September 2021 legislative delegation meeting

Public notice

Notice is given of the intent of the Alachua County Legislative Delegation to consider the filing and passage during the 2023 Legislative Session of a local bill whose subject concerns the Gainesville City Commission’s governance of Gainesville Regional Utilities. The Legislative Delegation includes State Senator Jennifer Bradley (R-Fleming Island), State Senator Keith Perry (R-Gainesville), State Representative Chuck Brannan III (R- Macclenny), State Representative Chuck Clemons (R-Newberry), and State Representative Yvonne Hinson (D-Gainesville). 

The Delegation will conduct a hearing on Friday, March 17th, 2023, beginning at 11:00AM in Room 12 of the House Office Building, Florida Capitol, 402 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee Florida, 32399-1300.  This hearing is open to the public and will be broadcast on the Florida Channel.  Recent events, including revelations at the latest Joint Auditing Committee, had warranted the organizing of an additional Delegation Hearing as soon as was possible; the necessity for members to be available for Legislative Session have precluded conducting a timely hearing any place other than in Tallahassee. 

Prospective legislation has been drafted and finalized to meet the bill filing deadline and a legal notice of the hearing commenced March 9th in a paper of record and will be published twice more prior to the hearing.  Should the Delegation choose to move forward, the 30-day notice requirement will end on April 8th at which time a local bill will be filed and read for the first time and referred to committees.

Questions and Comments for the Delegation can be sent to this email address, HD022@myfloridahouse.gov, with the subject “GRU Hearing” and will be included in their meeting packets.

  • May not be the beginning or the end but we can hope it’s the beginning of the end of their fiscal incompetence, continued malfeasance and misuse of public funds.

    • Agree with “You…”. Now is finally the time when control of 130,000 citizens’ and 70,000 rate payers dignity and financial well being can be wrestled away from incompetent boobs during the entirety of P Hanrahan’s and Lauren Poe’s administrations! Never let a single commissioner under either ever hold public office again! At least Santa Fe College was smart enough to get rid of Poe (quit or be fired). Let’s be sure both (and goofy follower and puppet Ward) will be also out of public employment!

  • I sure hope the by the first of the year that GRU is under control and we have new city commissioners

    • Need a State “Appointed” City Manager with two Assistant City Managers, a GRU GM and two Assistant GMs who will all serve Oct 1, 2023 – Sept 30 , 2026. The city commission, city manager , GRU GM are to be relieved of service Oct1, 2023. No other jobs will be made available to them at the city or GRU but your unemployment claim will not be contested.

    • You have only one commissioner with enough maturity to try to guide the other immature woke members. Book it!

  • Typical idiot politicians, holding this meeting in Tallahassee thereby keeping those most affected from attending. Sad!

    • Not sure how it is keep those most affected from attending… one they are in session so it is where it would have to be… two no one says you can not go, despite it being a bit hard financially, because of The bills but I’m still making it happen. If you wanted to go bad enough I’m sure there is someone willing to take you with them.

      And see we don’t even see eye to eye…

    • Keep spinning your bs. The Alachua County Legislative Delegation already had their annual public meeting at SFC in January. Now they’re back in Tallahassee where they go to enact legislation. Sorry you don’t like the way the system works when it doesn’t suit your agenda.

    • Good thing it’s not in Gangsville! We don’t need DEC trying to flood the place crying how they are taking it away “from the people!” Right, we saw how that worked out. City Commissions have no training, experience, or knowledge base to enable them to dictate absurd direction for a large utility. That method crashed and burned big time!!!

  • Does anyone know how to access the “Florida Channel” that will show the hearing?

  • Former city commissioner Helen Warren said purchasing the biomass plant was a good thing. She exclaimed, “We’re in a climate emergency!”

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