“Let’s step up our game!”


  • He’s just an angry, incompetent idiot.
    Even his daughter(?)’s skirt won’t fix that.

  • Mayor Ward and his Commission has a money appetite that cannot be satisfied. To continue to fleece GRU and ratepayers seems criminal. Maybe new governance cure their denial and will put them far away from any checkbook.

  • Jake never fails to bring home the bacon. Once those outrageous tax hikes kick in, Gainesville will be worse than Palm Beach!
    Hey Ronnie, you watchin all this from Tallahassee? Maybe replace these corrupt officials with folks who can reign in this renegade spending.

  • Important detail here: The study is comparing costs with average income; so student lifestyle is set against zero income or whatever student jobs folks have.

    By their numbers Gainesville has the lowest income by a decent chunk; the whole range is $50K – $100K, and the second lowest is $53k I think (not sorted by that column). That’s an important contribution to their evaluation of “Expensive”. If you just are comparing costs by nominal dollars, Gainesville is significantly cheaper than Orlando.

    Check out “utilities”. It’s one of the cheapest.

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