Letter: Dr. Simon should resign

An open letter to Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon: 

You want parents to trust YOU to make medical decisions on the behest of 35,000 students in your district, yet you could not keep the confidence of 13 students with medical exemptions. What has been done through our local media channels is abhorrent. This is a clear abuse of power and in no way grants you the trust of the people. It is WE the PEOPLE who now demand you immediately resign from your position as the Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent.

You have disregarded State law, have attempted to coerce HIPAA violations, and have doxxed a well-respected pediatrician for your own agenda. Your disturbing pattern of actions demonstrate you are unfit for this office, and it is in the best interest of our community and our citizens that you immediately resign and vacate this position.

You are a proven threat to the integrity of our government and this position; we have no confidence you are of sound mind to continue in this role. Nor can we be assured you are free-thinking, as our federal executive branch has interfered in our local decision-making, with the promise of monetary gains should you adhere to forced masking policies.
WE THE PEOPLE demand your resignation.
Concerned citizen, 
Megan Straile 

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